X or Cross button?

Who cares what the company says, it's definitely the "X" button


Even Xbox Is Weighing in on the PlayStation 'X or Cross' Debate

It ain't Crossbox either

No doubt having seen the X button debate raging across the internet for the past week and a half, the official Xbox Twitter account is getting in on the action. If you somehow don't know what we're on about, the PlayStation UK Twitter account made waves last week when it stated that the X button on a PlayStation controller is actually pronounced 'cross'. The whole thing blew up, with countless fans coming out in defence of calling it 'X'.

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Is it the "X" button or the "Cross" button?

By Joe Harker

One of the strangest rows about video games has erupted after PlayStation makers Sony said one of the buttons on their iconic controllers was actually different to everyone's beliefs.

The "X" button is apparently called the "Cross" button, causing mass confusion and debate that really should be reserved for more important topics.

So, is it really the "X" button or should we all start calling it what Sony demands we call it?

The Claim:

Well, Sony make the console so they'd know better than anyone else what it's supposed to be called.

They're pretty sure everyone ought to be calling it the "Cross" button, wading through a storm (more like a light drizzle) of criticism to make their point.

As one helpful gamer pointed out, a cross was geometrically perfect with all lines of equal lengths forming the corners of a square while an X didn't have the same distance between each line and formed the corner of a rectangle.

Years of study and communication technology has allowed this debate to take place, surely this represents a significant milestone in human development.

The Counter Claim:

Let's face it, the only reason this has caused a big kerfuffle is because everyone calls it the "X" button and they don't like being told they've been wrong all this time.

Regardless of what Sony wants people to call the button, if people have been calling it one thing then they're not going to be convinced when someone tells them it's had a different name all along.

Sony have even been ribbed by tech rivals Microsoft over the issue, with the makers of the Xbox (notably not the Crossbox) saying one thing that can unite all gamers is the "X" button, a mainstay of different controllers everywhere.

It's a bit pointless to fight against the entire userbase of the product having called it something else for years. One might as well sit on the beach and command the incoming tides to retreat.

Come on Sony, face the facts that people have spent years calling it the "X" button. Nobody says, "press Cross!"

The Facts:

To be fair the names of the other buttons on the PlayStation are Square, Circle and Triangle. Cross would make sense following the shapes motif, particularly compared to the Xbox and Nintendo Switch systems which use an A, B, X, Y system.

Sony is a Japanese company, so it makes sense they'd release a console to the global market with shapes to denote the different buttons rather than three shapes and the 24th letter of a foreign alphabet.

PlayStation did try a poll to clear up the matter but 81 per cent of respondents said it was the "X" button and only eight per cent agreed with them that it was the "Cross" button. More (11 per cent) said it was the "+ rotated 45°" button.

The button has been called the "X" button for so long that it seems pointless for Sony to try and fight against the name. Just go with it, guys.

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