WhatsApp fight fake news?

WhatsApp tackling misinformation problem in India

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How to spot fake news - an expert's guide for young people

Every time you go online, people are competing for your attention. Friends, strangers, businesses, political organisations, charities and news websites all serve up a constant stream of eye-catching pictures, videos and articles, wherever you might go looking for information - Google, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or YouTube.

But in the race to catch your eye, not all of these players feel like they have to tell the truth - and you can't always rely on social media platforms to filter out the falsehoods.

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WhatsApp is using newspapers to fight fake news in India

WhatsApp is using old media to tackle its misinformation problem in India.

The messaging service, owned by Facebook, took out full-page ads in leading English and Hindi newspapers on Tuesday, giving readers 10 tips to spot messages that might be fake.

The ads are part of a campaign by WhatsApp in its biggest market following a spate of lynchings that have been blamed on hoaxes sent over the platform.

A spokesperson told CNNMoney that the company would translate the ads to run in local newspapers in nine Indian states, many of which speak different languages.

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