eSports being watched more?

Could eSports surpass traditional ones in the future?

The rise of esports: Is it ready for the mainstream? | Netimperative - latest digital marketing news

Esports is growing fast in popularity, but will it ever be as popular as real sports? New research from Global Web Index looks into the rise of video games as a spectator sport, and why advertising might play a crucial role in its future growth.

Almost 70% of internet users in the UK and U.S. alone have now heard of the term "esports", according to data from Global Web Index.

A significant chunk of its growth has occurred in the last year, with 3 in 10 esports viewers saying they hadn't even heard of it more than a year ago.

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YouGov | Overwatch giving traditional sports run for their money - but fans see limits to integration

In the past, YouGov and SMG Insight has discussed both the growth of eSports as an industry, and how the sport would be attractive to potential gamblers.

Now, new research data from YouGov/SMG SportsIndex indicates how eSports favourites such as the ‘Overwatch League’ is continuing to challenge long-established traditional sports in terms of Word of Mouth Exposure score.

A sporting property’s WOM score measures whether somebody has discussed the sport with a friend, family member or colleague. In this case, YouGov/SMG SportsIndex looked at the WOM score among those that are aware of the sport.

During the Overwatch League, among those that are aware of it, its WOM score jumped significantly (up to around 19%), and put it close to the level achieved by the NBA.

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Washington Post

Analysis | The massive popularity of esports, in charts

A gunman killed two people and left 11 others injured in a shooting at a video game tournament in Jacksonville, Fla., on Sunday that ended with his suicide. The suspect was himself a gamer who was registered to compete in the tournament. His motive remains unknown.

The incident has thrust the world of competitive video gaming into the spotlight, particularly for the 75 percent of American adults who neither play nor watch competitive gaming, for whom the very existence of these tournaments may come as a surprise.

But esports, as the universe of spectator-friendly competitive gaming has come to be known, has grown rapidly in recent years. Tournament prize pools now rival those for some of the biggest events in traditional sports, and global audiences for some big gaming events have surpassed 100 million viewers, driven largely by esports' exploding popularity in Asia.

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