End of the iPod?

The end appears to be nigh for the popular music player

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Is Apple right to kill the iPod?

By Joe Harker

There was a time when the iPod ruled the music world, but those days seem to have gone as Apple discontinued the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano, long after the iPod classic died in 2014.

Wired reports that the death of the iPod feels like an important moment for an entire generation, but says the writing has been on the wall since 2014 when Apple CEO Tim Cook said "all of us have known for some time that iPod is a declining business". The iPod has become part of popular culture, but that does not guarantee immortality. If it is no longer a viable business venture for Apple then they should dispose of it.

There could still be customer demand for iPods, with sales of the music player on eBay rising by 929 per cent after the release of Baby Driver. The protagonist of Baby Driver has several iPods for different moods and driving jobs, and it is unlikely to be a coincidence that demand has shot up since the film was released. This may only be a brief burst of nostalgia though, and is unlikely to translate into regular demand for iPods.

Techradar argues that the iPod is obsolete, having been superseded by smartphones. They recommend selling, trading in or recycling the gadgets as there is little use for them now. It is true that smartphones with plenty of memory capacity can do the job of an iPod without the need for an additional gadget, but it can also hurt a phone's battery life to be taking on all the responsibilities of a music player.

Some think Apple killing the iPod is not enough, iTunes should be for the chop as well. Apple Music was launched in 2015, and there are plenty of other apps such as Spotify that can do something similar to iTunes. John Falcone writes that iTunes has become "bloatware", with so many features that make it harder to use. He wrote: "As we kick off the iPhone's second decade, this feels like the perfect time to put iTunes out to pasture. For good."

Is Apple making the right decision to kill the iPod, or does the gadget still have a large enough customer base to justify keeping it alive?

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The iPod Nano and Shuffle are dead: what's yours worth now? - Which? News

Fifteen years after the Apple iPod redefined the MP3 player, its iconic click wheel has been retired for good as the Nano and Shuffle models are relieved of duty.

They may not have been the most popular of models, but they were two of the most iconic. The Nano and Shuffle iPods didn't do anything better than the iPod Classic, but they proved what we were already beginning to suspect about Apple - that it can sell anything it puts its name to.

The Nano was, as the name suggested, a much more compact version of the iPod Classic.

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