Electric car sales boost?

Electric cars could be given green number plates in the UK

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Is an electric car right for me?

With 2018’s new vehicle licence plates set to be launched, many people around the UK may well be thinking about a new car. But is it time to consider plug-in options?

It's important to ask questions when you're making a purchase - especially one as significant as a car. And if you're thinking about an electric car, there may well be more to mull over than usual.

The plus-points of plug-in

There are plenty of good reasons to go electric. Although the up-front costs can be slightly higher than petrol or diesel cars, there are government grants available to help with the cost of buying plug-in models. More than that, though, the long-term reductions in fuel costs are significant, with drivers on average saving £100 per thousand miles.

With less parts to service in an electric car, maintenance also tends to be cheaper. Plus, on top of all this, with no tail pipe emissions, you’ll be doing your bit to ensure cleaner air for us all.

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