West Ham keep Moyes?

He steered them clear of relegation but he might still be going

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Will West Ham stick with David Moyes?

By Joe Harker

When David Moyes was appointed as West Ham manager there was one main objective he was tasked with: avoid relegation. It is somewhat disappointing for a club that recently hoped to establish themselves as a consistent power and perhaps even break into the top six, selling a move to an unpopular stadium to fans as an acceptable trade off for the success and quality that would follow. Still, that is not Moyes' fault and he has done the job he was hired to do. West Ham are safe and they can look to next season.

Moyes only signed a six month deal when taking over at the London Stadium, meaning he will leave the club if a new deal isn't agreed soon. A statement from West Ham said that club and manager would sit down together and discuss a new deal at the end of the season, so Moyes should expect to know where he stands in the near future.

Giving Moyes such a short contract has the benefit of easily being able to appoint someone else if they decide their ambitions demand a different manager next season. Moyes was brought in to steer them clear of relegation and he has done that but the objectives next season could be different. They do not want to be hovering above the relegation zone and narrowly avoiding it.

Everton, a club faced with a similar situation, appointed Sam Allardyce on a longer deal and there is just as much speculation over his future. Both clubs appointed managers for the short term goal of avoiding relegation, though their long term aim lies much higher up the table. They picked managers to save them from the drop and both have done their jobs, meaning the nature of the job itself has changed.

The West Ham fans aren't the biggest appreciators of Moyes. They believe he deserves credit for saving the Hammers from the drop but don't want him to stick around next season. He did his job and they are grateful to stay in the Premier League but want someone else at the helm next season.

It is an issue West Ham must decide for themselves as they consider what their objectives for next season are and what sort of playing style they want from their team. If they think Moyes is the man to deliver what they want then they will keep him, otherwise his position at the club is under threat. Having him on a short contract means they hold all the cards, making it easy to offer him a new deal or say "thank you and goodbye" without resorting to sacking him.

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