Stand up and applaud Neymar?

Neymar ripped Liverpool apart but still couldn't help himself

Daily Mail

Neymar will never be on a par with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

It started in the 12th minute. James Milner had just made his presence felt with a firm tackle but to watch Neymar writhing and rolling around, you would have thought the challenge was hip high.

You could see then it was going to be one of those nights. Every time a red shirt came in his vicinity, he would crumple to the ground, his face a scrunched up picture of pain.

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Is it time to stop slating Neymar for his play acting?

By Joe Harker

Liverpool's hopes of progressing to the next round of the Champions League are reliant on victory against Napoli after a 2-1 defeat to PSG. Jurgen Klopp's team had a chance to knock out the French champions with a win but goals from Juan Bernat and Neymar underlined consigned them to defeat and a difficult final game of the group stages.

Neymar was the star of the show and the headline maker in every sense of the word. He scored PSG's second goal and produced a brilliant performance to bamboozle Liverpool, suggesting that the player known for his individual talent could be thriving in a system built by manager Thomas Tuchel. He stuck to the plan and played his part brilliantly.

However, he also made headlines for another well known facet of his game, play acting. Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher branded the Brazilian forward as "embarrassing" for the way he exaggerated contact and acted as though he was suffering through excruciating pain after tackles. Even during a performance where he dominated his opponents Neymar couldn't help himself.

In his post match press conference Klopp said PSG's antics had made his Liverpool side "look like butchers". Six of his players were booked in the game and the manager believes PSG were successful in influencing refereeing decisions against his side. He also argued that PSG midfielder Marco Verratti, who dominated Liverpool's midfield, should have received a red card for a challenge on Joe Gomez.

Liverpool defender Andy Robertson also criticised Neymar after the game, arguing that he shouldn't be employing "playacting". He said: "I suppose they were in the lead and they were looking to waste time.

"You can use gamesmanship, playacting, you can use it all really. "When you play against PSG you know it's something you're going to come up against especially with him. It wasn't something we quite dealt with tonight. It's frustrating when he is falling like he is. It's all part and parcel of his game and we needed to deal with that."

ESPN reports that Neymar showed the "good, bad and ugly" side of his game in the win against Liverpool. His performance in the first half was brilliant, a display of his talents and something Liverpool couldn't deal with.

In the second half when he considered PSG to have the game in the bag his more wasteful side came out and he started showboating. It did nothing to help his team and was arguably disrespectful to his opponents, who still couldn't get close to him.

The most annoying thing about Neymar is the ugly side of his game and his seeming need to dive and writhe around on the floor feigning agony after tackles. The performance against Liverpool proved yet again that he is one of the best in the world but his play acting undermines any admiration he might gain.

If he could cut the showboating and play acting out of his game Neymar would be a much more likable and perhaps productive player, finally able to stake his claim as the potential best player in the world.

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Daily Telegraph

It's time to stop obsessing over the play-acting and enjoy Neymar's brilliance

As a more solemn than usual Jurgen Klopp shifted uncomfortably during his post-match press conference, his sense of frustration was palpable.

It wasn't just that his insipid Liverpool side had been beaten 2-1 by Paris Saint-Germain, it was the way in which he felt the opposition players had conned the referee throughout the game.

"We have won the fair play league twice in England, but we looked like butchers when you see the yellow cards we had," he said.

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