Should David Haye retire?

The boxer was defeated by Tony Bellew for a second time

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Should David Haye retire from boxing?

By Joe Harker

After being defeated for a second time by Tony Bellew many eyes are on what David Haye will do next.

The former champion was knocked down three times before the bout ended in the fifth round. It was a comprehensive defeat for Haye that has many expecting him to retire from boxing. He has nothing more to prove and appears to be a spent force who only risks coming to harm if he returns to the ring.

Haye said he would retire if he was beaten by Bellew, but has postponed his decision until a later date so he can review the footage of the fight and make his decision from that. He said: "I'll have to go back and review exactly what happened then make a decision. It's never good to make a decision when everything is up in the air."

Writing in The Guardian, Kevin Mitchell believes Haye needs to quit the sport for his own good, arguing that he cannot compete against the top fighters he wanted to challenge. Every boxer reaches a point where they have to quit and Mitchell suggests that this should be it for Haye.

At 37 he isn't getting any younger or faster and recurring injuries have weakened him. To entertain the notion of challenging the likes of Antony Joshua and Deontay Wilder would be fantasy. At best he would be dismissed in favour of other boxers, at worst he would be setting himself up for a painful battering. In his prime Haye defeated champions and got a reputation for winning by knockout but those days are gone and he should accept that.

Steve Bunce of The Independent argues that Haye should never get back into the ring and must be wary of those with a business interest in keeping him in boxing. Their wish to see Haye continue to fight would be for their own financial gain at the cost of his health. Bunce wrote: "Haye must never be allowed, conned or persuaded to enter the ring as a boxer ever again.

"The deluded souls in our business - Haye attracts them like a magnet for the fame-seeking - need to take their crazy whispers elsewhere and let Haye settle into a safe future away from any memory of what he once was; Haye is finished, make no mistake."

Fellow boxers also hope that Haye hangs up the gloves for good. Carl Froch is a friend of Haye's and believes he should retire "100 percent". He said: "He was the undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world and then, to go on and win and be a heavyweight world champion, that says it all. But that has to be it now."

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David Haye to consider retirement following rematch defeat to Tony Bellew

David Haye will consider retirement after his career was left in ruins following his dramatic defeat by Tony Bellew.

The former WBA heavyweight champion proved shot beyond doubt when, in their rematch at London's O2 Arena, he was dropped three times before being stopped in the fifth round.

At 37 Haye's punch resistance and once fine footwork was gone, and to the extent that he struggled and became desperate from the moment Bellew landed the explosive right hand that changed their fight in the third round.

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