Payet back to West Ham?

The French playmaker left in unpleasant circumstances, but he could return

Dimitri Payet explains West Ham exit: "I know how to be a d**khead"

Dimitri Payet has provided an explanation regarding his departure from West Ham United, stating that he felt his chances of playing for France would have been hindered if he remained at the club.

Payet enjoyed a fine first season at West Ham as he scored 12 goals in 38 games across all competitions, but his level dropped in the first half of last season and he eventually managed to force a return to Marseille.

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Would West Ham take Dimitri Payet back?

By Joe Harker

The transfer window is full of insane deals and ludicrous suggestions. Perhaps top of the list is Marseille playmaker Dimitri Payet returning to West Ham, the club he left in acrimonious circumstances in January 2017. The player later admitted that he "acted like a d---head" to force through a move. He said: "It's a little game. When I want to p--- everyone off, I do it.

"My managers understood that: when I sulk, they talk to me. It's a way for me to be heard. Those who know me play along, and, in the end, it goes well."

One might be forgiven for wondering why on earth West Ham would want him back. Although his quality as a player is without question, his attitude towards West Ham and the way he got his transfer have left a sour taste for fans. Many of them consider him to be a snake that got out of the club as soon as he realised they weren't going to be challenging the dominance of the top six.

Payet previously said he was "bored" at West Ham, criticising the club for a defensive approach and attracting the ire of fans and owners alike. New Hammers manager Manuel Pellegrini will likely try and play a more creative game that Payet would enjoy but it is hard to see a way back for him at the club he was so desperate to get out of.

While the player is reportedly positive about the idea of a return to West Ham, the move is coming about because Marseille need to raise funds. Several seasons ago he left them to join West Ham for £10.7 million, before returning for £25 million. Selling Payet would raise some much needed cash for Marseille, though how much West Ham would be willing to pay remains to be seen.

West Ham were reportedly "taken aback" by the offer to re-sign Payet, but are now considering whether to go back in for him. While he is an excellent player that would benefit the team Pellegrini is building, there is no guarantee that he would be well behaved and cause problems if things weren't going his way.

Pellegrini has consulted the senior players at the club over a potential move for Payet. Bringing him back after they way he forced a move could disrupt the dressing room and the Chilean manager seems wise to see what his players think before doing anything drastic.

Should West Ham go back in for Dimitri Payet, or should they move on and forget about him?

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