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The end date of the transfer window is moving back

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Is the Premier League right to move the transfer window back?

By Joe Harker

When the Premier League moved the summer transfer window end date to before the start of the season it was hailed as a step in the right direction.

The ability for clubs to keep buying and selling players even when the season had started was seen as an oddity, something in need of correction.

However, the end date of the summer transfer window has now been moved back into line with the other European leagues. Was the idea wrong all along?

The Claim:

Plainly, if you change something and end up going back to the way you used to do things then whatever change you made seems like a bad idea.

Premier League clubs voting to switch the summer transfer window back means it will close at 5pm on September 1 rather than on the eve of the season itself.

The disparity between the Premier League and other European leagues put English clubs at a disadvantage as there was a time period where they couldn't buy players but could still have their players bought.

When it's put like that it sounds like a terrible idea, the Premier League weakening itself for little apparent reason.

It sounds like the right decision was made, so why did it happen in the first place?

The Counter Claim:

However, the real problem was that other leagues didn't follow the Premier League's example.

In theory the transfer window shutting before the season begins makes perfect sense. A player shows up for a couple of games for their club then moves elsewhere?

It's ridiculous and the Premier League wasn't necessarily wrong to move the end date to avoid such a situation, their real mistake was assuming everyone else would follow and not take advantage of the newfound weakness.

The idea that transfer deals should be done before the season starts has merit, but this reversal of the Premier League's decision seems to kill the idea stone dead.

Perhaps it's something that might be tried again in the future with more leagues moving at the same time.

The Facts:

The change will come into effect immediately, so the upcoming summer's transfer window will be back to the old rules.

A number of clubs were frustrated with a lack of time to make more changes to their squads and the pressure to make a choice that was imposed on them.

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