Man City Invincibles?

Could Manchester City go the whole season without losing?

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Are Manchester City capable of becoming the new invincibles?

By Joe Harker

Every time a club is the clear frontrunner for the Premier League trophy the inevitable subject comes up: the Invincibles. Arsenal's title winning side of 2004 managed to do it without a single defeat and the possibility that another team could replicate that achievement is always of interest to football fans. This season Manchester City are playing some scintillating football that ranks among the best seen in the Premier League era and are thus far undefeated, the logical question is now whether they can sustain that form and go all the way without defeat.

Former City striker Shaun Goater believes the club are almost there, though perhaps not quite ready to make it through an entire league campaign without defeat. Even the best teams can trip up in games everyone expects them to win and that is what makes an undefeated season such an achievement. He said: "I think in the way that Pep Guardiola has the team play, they'll certainly go a long way. Perhaps, the odd game City may lose, but I can see them going a long way to getting very close to being that invincible team."

Comparing their current numbers to the invincible Arsenal side, Manchester City have won more, scored more and conceded fewer goals at this point in the season. They appear to be doing even better than the Invincibles, though they could soon trip up due to defensive injuries. John Stones and Benjamin Mendy are out of contention and City could be weaker at the back without them.

City manager Pep Guardiola has been desperate to play down any talk of an unbeaten season, suggesting that his side are bound to lose a game at some point. He is enjoying their current run of form but knows that he cannot expect to make it through the season without defeat. It may be that Guardiola is attempting to keep his players from becoming over confident, as that could lead to mistakes and defeat. It makes sense for him to ensure that his players are grounded and always focused on victory rather than believing they are untouchable.

Kevin De Bruyne has been in excellent form for Man City this season and he has echoed his manager in playing down comparisons with the Arsenal team of the past. He said: "I don't think that will be possible because I think you have so many games and too many important games.

"The power of the Premier League means every team has a lot of money and every team has a lot of quality players, so I think one day or another you will face a team who find a system to beat you, or they have a better day."

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