Liverpool disrespect Cardiff?

Neil Warnock isn't a very happy man at the moment

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A lack of class or just another day in the transfer market?

By Joe Harker

Liverpool right back Nathaniel Clyne has joined Bournemouth on loan until the end of the season. Once considered first choice for club and country, Clyne has been replaced by Trent Alexander-Arnold for Liverpool while Kyle Walker and Kieran Trippier have also moved ahead of him in the pecking order for England. Out of favour and in desperate need of playing time, a loan move for Clyne makes a lot of sense.

However, Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock, who gave Clyne his senior debut at Crystal Palace back in 2008, has accused Liverpool of having "a lack of class". He believed a loan deal to bring Clyne to Cardiff was done and dusted, with Liverpool promising that the deal would go through, before discovering the player was moving elsewhere by watching TV. He said: "To see it on television when I've done everything right and they've promised that he's my player this week, for me it's a disgrace and just a lack of class.

"What I was disappointed in is having known Nathaniel, to not get a phone call from Nathaniel or from Liverpool, I thought that stank. I thought it was a disappointment, a lack of class, call it what you want. When you are waiting and doing it properly, I think you deserve respect and I don't think they showed us any."

Warnock was unhappy at losing out on a player when he believed he had done everything right in the transfer market. The Cardiff manager said he "probably should have been illegally tapping" Clyne rather than doing the loan deal through the proper channels and suggested Bournemouth's purchase of Dominic Solanke from Liverpool helped them acquire the right back on loan.

Clyne later said he turned down the chance to move to Cardiff when the opportunity to be loaned to Bournemouth came up, believing that the playing style used by Cherries manager Eddie Howe will suit him better. He said: "Bournemouth have a great manager and that's what urged me to come here.

"I've looked at how Bournemouth play and it's similar to my style. I am looking to nail down the spot at right-back and to hopefully play as many games as I can."

The right back had to leave Liverpool after not being given chances in the first team by manager Jurgen Klopp, who has preferred Alexander-Arnold and used centre back Joe Gomez as a makeshift replacement. Clyne believed he was not being picked even when fit to start, leading him to seek a move away.

Warnock is entitled to feel aggrieved at the deal for Clyne falling through after he believed it was agreed but he cannot linger on his accusation too long and still be able to call out Liverpool for lacking class. At the end of the day Clyne has said he chose to go to Bournemouth over Cardiff because he wanted to work with Eddie Howe. Warnock may feel hard done by but there is not much he can do about it.

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