Lampard the right man?

The Chelsea legend has signed a three year deal

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Is Frank Lampard the right man for Chelsea, are they the right club for him?

By Joe Harker

Chelsea have appointed club legend Frank Lampard as their new manager on a three year deal.

He replaces Maurizio Sarri, who went to join Juventus and won the Europa League during his solitary season at Stamford Bridge.

An inexperienced manager, Lampard joins Chelsea at a difficult time as the sale of Eden Hazard and a transfer ban means the club has lost their best player and cannot bring in new personnel.

The Claim:

The arrival of a club legend like Lampard could precipitate a change in culture that Chelsea desperately needs, Paul Wilson of The Guardian writes.

Chelsea is a club stuck in a cycle of short term hiring and firing, only Jose Mourinho in his first stint at the club lasted longer than two seasons with Roman Abramovich as owner.

A new manager comes in and things can turn very quickly, with players and fans so accustomed to managers coming in and out. They've seen it all before but if there's anyone who won't receive this treatment it's a club legend like Lampard.

The short-termism has a knock on effect on long term planning, with talents from the club's hugely successful youth academy struggling to break their way into the first team. Why would a manager who probably won't get more than one season bother to spend their time developing young players?

Lampard's legendary status and the transfer ban could make this season the closest thing to a free hit a club like Chelsea can offer. Give him a season with the squad and a selection of academy players and see how he does, give him a transfer window next summer and see how things go from there.

Appointing a manager with one year of experience in the Championship may sound insane for a club like Chelsea but Lampard's status could make him the man to make necessary changes.

The Counter Claim:

Then again, appointing a manager with one year of experience in the Championship to take over a top Premier League club sounds insane because on paper it is.

Lampard is nowhere near experienced enough to manage Chelsea and his appointment represents a huge risk for the club, they don't know what they're going to get from him and he's joining at a time when the club have been significantly weakened.

Nobody wants to see a club legend return home and struggle, what starts as a fairytale could so easily descend into a nightmare.

Lampard could even be a victim of the short term culture at Chelsea. Even if the fans and board gives him time the players have become so used to seeing managers come and go that it could be they who lose faith.

This is a squad that has seen the likes of Mourinho, Antonio Conte and Sarri off, what are they going to make of someone whose managerial CV reads "Derby County - EFL Championship 2018/19, 6th place"?

The Facts:

Lampard's three year contract looks somewhat optimistic given Chelsea's track record during the Abramovich era.

He is the eleventh permanent manager at Chelsea since the Russian bought the club in 2003. In that time only Conte, Carlo Ancelotti and Mourinho in his two stints has lasted two seasons or more, with only Mourinho making it to a third season.

The coming season will also be a chance for Chelsea fans to see more of their academy players in action, with the new manager promising to give the kids a chance.

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