Koeman's future at Everton?

The Everton manager is under pressure after a bad run of form

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Does Ronald Koeman have a future at Everton?

By Joe Harker

Ronald Koeman has just received the message that no football manager ever wants to hear in their career: the vote of confidence from the owner. While it may initially seem like a relief for a manager to get the backing of the boss, it often means that a sacking is imminent. Therefore, Ronald Koeman might be wondering whether he should be packing his bags in preparation for a P45.

Everton's major shareholder Farhad Moshiri has given the manager his backing, though this is often more of a curse than a blessing. Moshiri insists that "Koeman has my total support" but if the dismal performances and results continue then the situation may change very quickly. Two wins and a draw in the opening seven league games of the season is not good enough for a club of Everton's ambitions. It must be nothing more than an early blip if Koeman wants to be sure he still has a place with the Toffees.

Former Everton midfielder Trevor Steven sees this month of October as a crucial one for Koeman's future, with a disappointing series of results likely to spell the end for him. Steven believes that coming back off the international break with a win is crucial if Koeman wants to keep his job. He said: "Right now, my old team look a mess.

"Everton desperately need a result at Brighton when the Premier League resumes. I fear for them though. If we don't see a real turnaround in form then the club could be looking for a new manager by November."

The Sun reports that Everton players are "convinced" that the manager wants to leave the club and is just waiting to be sacked. He would likely not struggle to find another job in football as he has quite a good reputation in the game, but very few managers would wait to be sacked if they can resign on their own terms. While Koeman surely harbours an ambition to manage Barcelona, where he spent a significant portion of his playing career, that would appear to be some way off as their new appointment Ernesto Valverde is doing well.

If he was shown the door, there are plenty of managers who would like to step in and replace Koeman. While the recently unemployed Carlo Ancelotti would probably be beyond the Toffees reach, Eddie Howe or Sean Dyche might be persuaded to end their long stints at Bournemouth and Burnley to try their hand at a higher level of management. Outside shouts for the job include Huddersfield manager David Wagner and Thomas Tuchel.

Does Ronaldo Koeman have a future at Everton, or will he soon be shown the door despite backing from Moshiri?

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