Kane obsessed with goals?

The Tottenham Hotspur striker had a goal against Stoke awarded

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Did Harry Kane deserve to get a goal awarded to him?

By Joe Harker

In Tottenham Hotspur's 2-1 win against Stoke the goal that clinched the game appeared to come from a free kick by Christian Eriksen. But striker Harry Kane insisted he got a touch on the ball and scored the goal.

After an appeal was lodged the goal has been awarded to Kane, giving him a boost in the race to be the Premier League's top scorer and attracting much derision from fans of rival clubs. Some believe the lengths he went to so the goal would be awarded to him, including swearing on his daughter's life, were ridiculous.

A Premier League statement on the matter read: "After taking the player's testimony into account and reviewing the match footage, a three-person panel agreed that the final touch on the ball belonged to Kane."

Kane has won the Golden Boot, the award for the Premier League's top scorer, for the last two seasons but trails behind Mohamed Salah of Liverpool this time. Salah's response to Kane's successful appeal was a tweet that read "Wooooooow really?" while Leicester striker Jamie Vardy also seemed doubtful. Social media reaction to Kane's appeal has taken to jokingly awarding him goals in games he didn't play in.

The awarded goal takes his total for the season in all competitions to 36, his highest total in any season so far. While Kane might not catch Salah, whose current total of 29 equals Kane's best-scoring Premier League campaign, he is determined to take every chance to catch up and score as many goals as possible.

Writing for ESPN, Dan Kilpatrick argues that Kane's relentless pursuit of goals is part of what makes him a great striker. He is four goals behind Salah in the race for the Golden Boot and winning it for a third consecutive season would equal the achievement of former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry while also giving him a platform to break the Frenchman's record.

He wants to beat Alan Shearer's record of 260 Premier League goals and break every goalscoring record. It's a good mentality for a striker to be obsessed with scoring goals. It may look a bit odd that he was so insistent in his pursuit of the Stoke goal, but perhaps the best goalscorers are. Cristiano Ronaldo is always demanding the ball and trying to score when the opportunity is there, so why shouldn't Kane be like that?

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