Huddersfield kit joke?

Come on guys, where's the real kit?

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Is Huddersfield Town's kit a joke?

By Joe Harker

Huddersfield Town's new home kit for the upcoming season has been revealed and the phrase that would best describe it rhymes with "taking the ducking miss".

It's an awful monstrosity, the white and blue stripes interrupted by sponsor Paddy Power's name draped across it like a pageant sash.

This can't be the actual home kit Huddersfield intend to play in next season can it?

The Claim:

If it is a joke then it's one that the club is really committing to, with players wearing the kits during a pre-season friendly against Rochdale.

The Terriers won 3-1 but their kit didn't look any better on the pitch than it did in the reveal photos.

Sean Jarvis, the club's commercial director, said the shirt was real and Huddersfield were going for "a really modern twist", describing the sash style as "really eye-catching". He's not wrong.

Since the kit breaches FA rules on design and sponsorship the club surely knew they were putting themselves at risk of incurring a fine and wouldn't be willing to push a marketing stunt so far as to get in actual trouble for it. Right?

The appropriate time to reveal the whole thing was a joke has passed, players have donned the kit for a game.

The Counter Claim:

This is surely a marketing ploy from Paddy Power, the trailblazers of betting companies engaging in tiresome and unfunny attempts at banter. In which case more fool us for writing about it.

If it is a joke then the sponsors have drawn a lot of attention towards Huddersfield but it's also left them looking like idiots. It's Huddersfield players who had to wear the kit and play in it, the club may be in on the joke but they're also the butt of it.

It's not great for a relationship between club and sponsor to begin with the latter party stitching up the former to publicise themselves.

Huddersfield fans are desperately hoping the club or Paddy Power will reveal the whole thing has been a bad joke and show the real kit because they absolutely hate this one.

If the whole thing is revealed to be a joke fans might eagerly buy whatever the real shirt looks like out of sheer relief that it isn't the utter monstrosity they were first shown.

The Facts:

Huddersfield are facing a fine over their team actually wearing the kit for their friendly against Rochdale.

FA regulations apply to pre-season friendlies too and state that the sponsor logo can't exceed 250 square centimetres, they're quite sure the logo exceeds that limit..

The FA are "disappointed" that Huddersfield ignored warnings about kit design, with a spokesperson confirming they had contacted the club over the matter.

This abomination of a kit is scheduled to go on sale on Saturday, if it is a joke then you'd expect them to reveal the actual kit before some poor soul actually buys one.

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