Henry angling for Arsenal job?

The former striker may want to manage his old club

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Is Thierry Henry angling for the Arsenal job?

By Joe Harker

Arsene Wenger's reign at Arsenal could be approaching an end after more than two decades and speculation is mounting around prospective replacements.

It seems to be a case of when, not if, for Wenger as the question shifts from whether he will go to who would be the best choice to replace him.

Several experienced managers have been touted as potential candidates for the job, bringing clearly defined styles of play and a history of success, but there are also candidates with a closer and more personal link to the club such as former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry.

The former striker, now serving as Roberto Martinez's assistant manager with Belgium, has said he "never backs down from a challenge" and would say yes to Arsenal if they asked him for any sort of help.

Henry has insisted that he was speaking hypothetically when he said he would like the Arsenal job, considering it a role that everyone would like to have. He believes every manager in the game would jump at the chance to manage Arsenal and said that he respects Wenger enough that he "would not dare to think" that he could take the job.

Joan Laporta, former Club President of Barcelona, believes Henry has plenty in common with Pep Guardiola, who has gone on to great success after selected for a top job as a relative unknown. Guardiola spent a season managing Barcelona's youth team before being offered the chance to manage the senior team and Laporta believes Henry could be a huge success if given the chance. He said: "The same requirements we were appreciating in Pep Guardiola when we decided to put him as a coach of the first team, Thierry has many of them.

"If he wants to become a coach and more specifically wants to coach Arsenal, then it is because he is convinced he will do it very well because he is looking for excellence all the time - just as when he was a player."

However, former Arsenal striker Ian Wright believes Henry would be the wrong person to replace Wenger as the fans could turn on him if he fails to succeed. It is a big step to go from being an assistant manager to a top six job in the Premier League and Wright believes Arsenal need to look for their own version of Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino. He said: "The club need to start looking for somebody who is not old. They are talking about Ancelotti, but they need to find the next one like Mauricio Pochettino, who built his way up."

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