Flores gone again?

The club have sacked two managers already this season

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What's going wrong for Watford?

By Joe Harker

Watford have parted ways with manager Quique Sanchez Flores for a second time, sacking him after 10 Premier League games during his second stint at the club.

The club plan on bringing in a successor "imminently", having decided after 10 Premier League games that they weren't going in the right direction.

Is this the right move for Watford, or do their problems run deeper than the man in the manager's seat?

The Claim:

Where exactly it all went wrong for Sanchez Flores and Watford is a matter of debate, but one win in 10 Premier League games is abysmal form for anyone with any notion of avoiding relegation.

The returning manager didn't seem to have much of an idea how to turn things around for the club, which essentially rules him out of being considered the man to keep them in the Premier League this season.

If the manager isn't up to it then logic dictates that you get a different manager. Losing 8-0 to Manchester City and 3-0 to Burnley points towards portents not improving.

Watford will now go for Chris Hughton, hoping the former Brighton manager will be able to shore things up and steer them to safety.

A new manager might at least get a better tune out of the players, many of whom have kept the club in the Premier League for several seasons and would appear to be good enough to stay up.

The Counter Claim:

There's a good line from political comedy The Thick of It which arguably applies here: "Sacked after twelve months: looks like you've f---ed up. Sacked after a week: looks like he's f---ed up."

If you're parting ways with your manager after barely breaking into double figures of games then who exactly should the finger of blame fall on?

So how far does "sacked after less than three months" go on the scale of determining who made the series of mistakes that brought Watford to eight points after 14 games?

Watford have gone through a whole host of managers, with Sanchez Flores being hired on two separate occasions, and they still haven't managed to find stability. At some point the constant chopping and changing surely produces a club that doesn't know whether it is coming or going.

If you sack Javi Gracia and his replacement doesn't improve things then either you made a mistake to sack him or you picked the wrong guy to come in. Or perhaps you fostered conditions where the manager was always going to have a hard time.

The Facts:

Watford were averaging 0.7 points per game in Sanchez Flores' second stint at the club, worse than any of the club's other managers in the Premier League besides Graham Taylor.

Their tally of nine goals scored is the worst in the Premier League by some margin, with the next least prolific sides scoring at least 13 goals. Meanwhile, their defence shipping 28 goals makes it the third worst in the league.

On average they are scoring less than a goal a game and conceding two. That's a recipe for relegation. Whoever replaces Quique Sanchez Flores needs to get the team scoring goals and tighten things up at the back, as if it was as easy as just saying that.

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Quique Sanchez Flores: Where did it go wrong for ex-Watford boss?

Watford's decision to sack Quique Sanchez Flores after only 10 Premier League games is based is one simple reality - the Hornets know they must remain in the Premier League at all costs and that status is already at serious risk.

Those behind the scenes at Vicarage Road have worked tirelessly to ensure Watford not only arrived in the Premier League but stayed there.

Watford's 2-1 loss at Southampton, unfortunate as it was, signalled the end for Flores as it put the Hornets bottom of the table with only eight points from 14 games.

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