Exercise naked?

Will naked exercises classes take off?

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Exercise naked?

By Sarah Holt

Every day thousands of people around the world grin and bear the gym. An increasing amount of people, however, are discovering what it's like to grin and bare it instead.

Naked exercise routines have been coming out of the woodwork for around a decade now.

In 2010 the lifestyle website Elephant Yoga reported on a new naked yoga class that had launched in Boulder, Colorado.

In her review Claire Lochridge commented: "I have to say it is liberating to practice yoga in your birthday suit. It’s just hard to tell if the person whose eye you catch from across the room is comparing poses (yoga pose envy—we’re all guilty) or just got caught staring at your tatas."

In September 2015, the Australian news website news.com.au carried a story about a new naked yoga class that had launched in Perth.

Reporter Stacey June commented: "It actually felt very innocent — a little school like. The event was a woman only event, and after not too much time, the air in the candle filled room was awash with a combination of nerves, yet openness. It was far from a nudist sanctuary."

In October 2017, though, the phenomenon of naked yoga really took off. Images of yogis carrying out naked asanas - poses - started to trend on Instagram.

High Snobiety, an online lifestyle magazine, explained: "The trend can be sourced directly to popular user Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl), who has amassed 668,000 followers since joining the platform in November 2015 by posting naked yoga pictures."

Around the same time, London news website Londonist broke the news that a naked yoga class was starting up in the capital.

The website sent their reporter Samantha Rea along. She wrote: "Instructor Doria Gani started teaching it so that participants could feel liberated. Originally from Italy, Gani was inspired by an art installation at Burning Man, a festival in the Nevada desert."

In 2018 the trend for naked is exercise seems to be spreading.

On January 23 the MailOnline revealed that a new naked high intensity exercise class was launching in London.

The article said: "Adventurous fitness fanatics will be soon be able to take naked high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes in London.

"Just weeks after a trendy New York gym launched nude personal training sessions, British wrestling champion and director of Right Path Fitness Keith McNiven will be doing the same at pop-up locations across the city from next month.

"He will be running all-male, all-female and mixed-sex sessions.

"The personal trainer said exercising in your birthday suit maximises your workout and boosts your motivation as you watch your body move and flex."

So can naked exercise classes really take off or are they at best fads or at worst publicity stunts for the studios, gyms and teachers that run them?

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