Did Fury beat Wilder?

Tyson Fury drew with Deontay Wilder, but should he have won?

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Was a draw the wrong result between Fury and Wilder?

By Joe Harker

The boxing match between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder ended in a draw, meaning Wilder keeps his WBC Heavyweight title. The fight lasted the full 12 rounds and ended in a split draw. Wilder managed to knock Fury down twice but on both occasions he was able to get back to his feet and continue fighting. Fury won most of the rounds but the scorecards showed one judge apiece for him and Wilder and the third calling it a dead heat.

The judges have been criticised for giving a draw with many believing Fury had the best of the fight despite being knocked down twice. Lennox Lewis and Floyd Mayweather both slated judge Alejandro Rochin for giving four of the first five rounds to Wilder when they believed Fury dominated the opening stages of the fight. Lennox said: "They need to get some good judges, these judges were terrible.

"It happened to me and I knew it was going to happen to him. Everybody could see who won. Boxing definitely won and Tyson Fury won the fight to me."

USA Today believes Wilder is lucky to still have his WBC Heavyweight title. They cited "scandalous judging" for the draw and called it "a huge black eye for boxing". They believe Fury should have won the fight, having gone through each round and judged Wilder to have won just three rounds.

Fury said he thought he got the best of Wilder in the fight, but he won't "scream robbery" about the result. Talk of a rematch in the UK has already been mooted and it seems likely that the two will face each other in the ring once again. He said: "I'm not going to sit here and complain or scream robbery.

"I thought I won the fight. I'll leave the audience to decide what they thought. I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as we did. I'm sure were going to put on a great show in the second fight."

Wilder believes he should have won the fight, saying he "definitely won" against Fury because he was able to knock his opponent down twice. He said: "I think with the two knockdowns, I definitely won the fight.

"We poured our hearts out. We're both warriors, we both went head to head, but with those two drops, I feel like I won the fight. I didn't think he had control of the fight. I think I let out just as much as he did."

Same time next year for a rematch?

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