Ball 'too light'?

Guardiola blames ball for City's 120 goalless minutes against Wolves


EFL tells Pep Mitre ball meets FIFA criteria

The English Football League (EFL) has responded to Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola's complaints about the ball used in the Carabao Cup, saying that it meets the required standard.

Guardiola said after Tuesday's Carabao Cup fourth-round tie against Wolves, which City won 4-1 on penalties following a 0-0 draw, that the Mitre Delta EFL ball used in the competition was "unacceptable" due to its lightness.

The EFL released a statement on Wednesday saying that it is happy to speak with the City boss about his concerns, but that ultimately the ball meets all FIFA criteria.

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Mitre Delta provides light relief for City

The Mitre Delta ain't just a football. It's more than a bag of air, it's a bag of memories, wrote SoccerBible when the iconic ball was re-introduced to the EFL in May.

Bringing back the iconic Delta ball design as the official match ball of the 2017/18 English Football League season was always going to go down well. Complete with oversized Mitre branding, it's a modernised piece of throwback football.

"A late-nineties Premier League pin up has found its way into the Championship, League One and League Two with a re-designed look for the next campaign. A new generation can now appreciate a ball full of 90's magic.

"The Mitre Delta has obviously been updated for its return with Hyperseam technology for a pure in-flight path and increased grip. Ultimately, it's as good as it gets for an elite level football; for those who had one in the nineties, fear not. This one won't knock you out when full of water."

Instantly recognisable thanks to its heritage and memorable white, blue and red design, the Delta holds a unique place at the heart of English football and over the years has been treasured by players and fans alike. Last seen on English football pitches in 2001, its return meant that a new generation of players could have their first football experiences with a brand new ball with the same legendary trademark.

This, the most advanced football from Mitre, features brand new technology including a textured surface for instinctive aerodynamic control. The added embossed grooves provide up to 400% more stability at speeds of 30 – 45 mph as well as greater accuracy vs a flat panel construction of the same ball.

A distinctive 14-panel design with innovative Hyperseam™ technology ensures optimum energy dissipation and a super accurate flight. Combining the benefits of bonded and stitched seams guarantees superb speed and pin-point accuracy with a consistent feel, almost zero water uptake and superior durability. A laminated bladder combined with a rubber sheet constructed in between two layers of foam backing give explosive power coupled with improved control.

When it was re-launched Soccer AM presenter Tubes said: “It goes like an absolute rocket the new Mitre Delta. I was at Wolves with Soccer AM doing ‘You Know the Drill’, we did some penalties and the ball is superb. I’ve always liked Mitre Delta, I played semi-pro level so I’ve played a bit and been around! It’s definitely a class ball.”

However, the hyperbole has failed to impress Man City boss Pep Guardiola who has complained that the ball is too light and that's why his team failed to score for a nail-biting 120 minutes against Wolves, before slaying them 4-1 on penalties.

It could be said that the final score provided a little 'light relief' for the Blues boss.

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