Arsenal ignoring fans?

Fans of the club are furious with the ownership

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Will the #WeCareDoYou campaign change Arsenal?

By Joe Harker

Something is rotten in the state of Arsenal. The atmosphere around the club is poisonous, having only grown more toxic over the years.

Fans who feel increasingly disconnected from their beloved club have launched the #WeCareDoYou campaign, aimed at urging Arsenal's ownership to show their commitment and make some changes.

Will the campaign have the desired effect, or will it be regarded and discarded by an apathetic owner more concerned with other ventures?

The Claim:

Gunners fans have written an open letter to owner Stan Kroenke expressing their discontent at the way the club is being run.

They explain that they feel as though their club is at a crossroads and changes must be made now before things get even worse, urging Kroenke to make Arsenal feel like a place they can belong again.

If there has been one thing at Arsenal that has changed drastically over the years it has been the sense of belonging, with an increasing disconnect between fans and the club highlighting the number of supporters who feel as though their club is changing for the worse.

The #WeCareDoYou campaign has prompted a response from Josh Korenke, son of Stan. He told Football London it hurts to hear fans questioning their passion for the club and insisted his family were the right people to guide Arsenal back to winning ways.

He said the family wanted to win "whilst also respecting the values and traditions of the club", but fans increasingly feel as though their values and traditions have been eroded over time.

The Counter Claim:

However, expecting much of a change from an owner with the nickname "Silent Stan" is rooted more in hope and optimism than reality.

Writing for ESPN, Nick Miller wonders whether the higher-ups at Arsenal have accepted what passes for mediocrity for a team of their standing.

He writes that the club are in trouble but their apparent failure to take reasonable measures to get out of said trouble suggests the board just aren't that bothered about getting out of it.

A club that was accused of complacency and a failure to improve for consistently finishing in the top four, Arsenal have now dropped a rung down to being a top six club.

Attempts to overhaul recruitment and work in a post Wenger era have fallen flat quickly, former head of recruitment Sven Mislintat was supposed to turn Arsenal into a Borussia Dortmund-esque side that bought smartly but he returned to Germany after just 14 months after discontent over his role in the club.

The squad itself is in a shaky state, requiring money and smart investment to improve significantly. They have players they don't want refusing to leave and players they do want either already having left or looking likely to depart.

The Facts:

Stan Kroenke had been slowly buying more shares in Arsenal for over a decade, finally assuming full control almost a year ago.

Arsenal is not Kroenke's only sports team. He also owns the LA Rams, an American football team, lacrosse team Colorado Mammoth, MLS club Colorado Rapids and eSports team LA Gladiators. He is also part owner of indoor American football side Colorado Crush.

Kroenke used to own ice hockey team Colorado Avalanche and NBA team Denver Nuggets, but ownership of both teams have been transferred to his wife, Ann Walton Kroenke.

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