Anyone want the Newcastle job?

You'd be forgiven for thinking nobody wanted it

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Does anybody want the Newcastle United job?

By Joe Harker

Roll up, roll up! There's a prime job opportunity going for anyone who wants it at a Premier League club with great history and a fantastic stadium, they've got a strong fanbase in a football worshiping city too. Who wouldn't be interested?

Everyone, apparently. While most managers would jump at the chance to take over a Premier League club Newcastle United might be a singularly unappealing prospect.

With fans threatening a boycott, key players being sold and the absolute privilege of working for Mike Ashley all part of the package it's perhaps no wonder why certain candidates have ruled themselves out of contention.

The Claim:

Mikael Arteta and Patrick Vieira have reportedly distanced themselves from the Newcastle job after speaking with former manager Rafa Benitez.

Benitez, who left St James's Park recently and is beloved by Newcastle fans, reportedly told Arteta and Vieira about his experience managing the club and what they heard has put them off.

The Newcastle job should be ideal, a chance in the Premier League at such a famous club is an offering a manager ought to be crazy to turn down but the state of the place is making interested coaches worried.

Benitez was repeatedly stitched up over transfer budgets, forced to improve and repair the squad with little money to spend despite being promised more than he ultimately got.

A manager might take the Newcastle job thinking they could turn the club around but most expect the next man in the manager's chair will be given very little support to do so. Many think Newcastle are bound for relegation and a smart manager would avoid such a disaster of a club.

The Counter Claim:

On the other hand, the chance to manage in the Premier League could be just too much of a good offer to turn down for some looking to get their foot in the door.

The Daily Express reports that Aston Villa assistant manager John Terry has been tipped to take the job, described as a good opportunity for a young and inexperienced manager.

With the shocking state of Newcastle at the moment any new manager could be on a hiding to nothing so failure would be good experience while success against the odds would be a fantastic vindication of one's managerial abilities.

Imagine going to St James's Park and actually succeeding, success in this case likely amounting to steering clear of relegation. The new manager might find they have something to work with or decide they want to spin Premier League experience into another job in English football's top flight.

Perhaps a manager who backs themselves to succeed against the odds would take the job and trust in their abilities to change things.

The Facts:

Among the other managers to reject the Newcastle United job includes Steven Gerrard. He is currently managing Scottish side Rangers.

One of the favourites for the job is Sheffield Wednesday manager Steve Bruce, who previously managed fierce rivals Sunderland. He is tipped for the job by the bookies but said links were news to him and he was not planning on leaving.

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