Zero carbon world?

London mayor Sadiq Khan hopes for 'Zero Emission Zones' by 2020

Dirty air can harm your brain and stress the body

The year was 1952. The setting: London, England. “On December 8, cool air from across the English Channel settled over the Thames River valley and did not move. London’s 8 million residents did what they had been doing for centuries: They huddled indoors and warmed themselves by their coal stoves. Smoke ran like tap water from a million chimneys. In the motionless air, the hot vapors chilled and, instead of rising, settled back to the ground. The smoke became so thick that visibility dropped to near zero.”

That super-thick fog of pollution, 65 years ago, turned the air into a toxic soup that lasted five long days. Local reporters would call it the Great Smog. Inhaling the blackened air sent 150,000 people to the hospital with breathing problems. In all, some 4,000 would die. This disaster provided some of the strongest, early evidence that urban air could prove deadly.

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Meaning of zero carbon

It is a scientific fact that global temperature/climate change AND ocean acidification cannot stabilize unless industrial age carbon emissions are zero i.e. no emissions of CO2 from all sources.

The IPCC (2014 AR5) ​​does not use the terms net zero carbon, or carbon neutral. It uses zero carbon, low carbon and 'net negative emissions' in place of net zero and carbon neutral which is clearer. ​ ​This site says zero carbon means:

​zero fossil fuel combustion for energy ​zero biomass combustion for energy zero biofuels combustion for energy.​ zero deforestation​ zero (CO2 emitting) cement manufacturing

Here is a dangerous definition from the Global Carbon Project, ​​which is what the scientists in general are treating zero carbon as. 'Aim for zero net carbon emissions. We use carbon neutral as shorthand for zero net impact on radiative climate forcing'. This is dangerous because it ignores ocean acidifcation, as most do on the zero carbon topic.

It is also dangerous because it does not say that fossil fuel combustion for energy must stop, replaced by new clean true zero carbon energy sources. Also it does not preclude geoengineering ​​to cool the planet.

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London 'Zero Emission Zones' due by 2020

London could get its first electric vehicle only 'Zero Emission Zones' by 2020, aimed at improving air quality and driving uptake of cleaner travel, as part of an environmental strategy revealed today. **

The final draft of the London Environment Strategy, issued by Sadiq Khan, has been presented to the London Assembly and will be published within weeks.

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