Will the NHS survive?

The NHS is now over 70 years old. Will it make it to 140?


NHS 'will not survive without new funding model', say doctors' leaders

The NHS needs a better funding model if it is to survive doctors' leaders and unions have said following drastic measures announced by health officials to combat severe winter pressures.

The British Medical Association said NHS funding is "well below" what other comparable European countries spend on healthcare. The union Unite, which has 100,000 members in the health service, said the Government had "failed" to provide sufficient funding for one of the nation's proudest achievements.

Their comments come after NHS England urged hospitals to defer pre-planned operations and routine outpatient appointments until the end of the month so doctors can focus on patients with the most urgent needs.

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YouGov | Brits still love the NHS, but they are nervous about its future

Nigel Lawson once described the NHS as the closest thing that the English have to a religion. This week as the service celebrates its 70th birthday, YouGov examines how levels of support for the NHS are holding up, as well as the public’s views on the health service’s principles, and their expectations for its future.

Brits are satisfied with the quality of their healthcare system Over half of Brits (59%) are satisfied in the national healthcare system, with a fifth (20%) saying they are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and a further fifth (22%) saying they are dissatisfied.

As a comparison, this puts Britain second of the eight countries surveyed, with similar satisfaction levels to Finland (55%) and Demark (53%), but higher levels of satisfaction than Germany (43%), Norway (38%) and Sweden (29%). The US, which has a mostly privatised system, comes bottom with only one in five (20%) satisfied while fully half of Americans (50%) are dissatisfied.

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