UK supports Trump visit?

Much of the UK does not want him to visit

The Guardian

Theresa May risks unrest by paving way for Donald Trump visit

Prime minister orders officials to make plans for visit by the US president later this year after pair meet at Davos

Theresa May has taken the gamble of inviting Donald Trump to make his controversial visit to Britain later this year after a meeting between the prime minister and the US president at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The move followed a 15-minute meeting between the two leaders in which the president promised the US would always "be there" for Britain, assured May "we love your country" and said that they "like each other a lot".

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YouGov | Plurality of Britons once more support a Trump state visit

Despite the President remaining deeply unpopular in Britain, many people take a pragmatic view about the Government working with him During Piers Morgan’s recent interview with Donald Trump, the prospect the US president appearing on our shores became more realistic. Trump said that Theresa May had invited him to Britain for both an official state visit and a working visit to take place this year.

Now new YouGov research shows there has been a significant shift in favour of an official Trump state visit. Support for a visit has gone from its lowest level in early December (31% in favour, 55% opposed) to its highest level in a year, with 45% in favour and 39% opposed, a respective increase and decrease of 14 and 16 percentage points.

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Evening Standard

Donald Trump claims he is coming to UK for state visit in October

Donald Trump has claimed he will travel to the UK for an official state visit in October of this year.

The US President has told Piers Morgan that Prime Minister Theresa May has invited him "twice" and that he will travel to Britain for both state and working visits in 2018.

Morgan said that he asked Trump if he would be coming to the UK as they sat down for an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos which is set to be broadcast in full on ITV on Sunday evening.

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