UK opposes Syria airstrikes?

The public appetite for Syrian airstrikes is low

The Scotsman

Theresa May paves the way for UK to join US air strikes on Syria

Prime Minister Theresa May has paved the way for the UK to join the US in missile attacks on Syria as she blamed the Assad regime for the Douma gas attack on Saturday which killed at least 40 people.

She said "all the indications" were that the Syrian regime was behind the attack on its own people as the US prepares to launch air strikes.

The Prime Minister did not indicate openly whether Britain would be involved in the military campaign but insisted continued attacks "cannot go unchallenged" as she pledged to continue working with the UK's "closest allies" on how the dictatorship is held to account.

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By two to one, the public oppose missile strikes on Syria

Even though most Britons believe a chemical attack has been perpetrated, only 22% of Britons would support a cruise missile attack against the Syrian military

New YouGov research, carried out following the latest accusations of chemical weapon use by the Assad regime in Syria, shows that the public are opposed to Britain and allied countries launching cruise missile strikes against Syrian military targets. Donald Trump has announced that he plans to launch such strikes, although it is not clear what involvement, if any, the British military will have in action against Syria.

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The Times

Just 22% support British airstrikes in Syria

Theresa May can't win. I'm not talking about a general election, that's for another day. But whatever she chooses to do about British involvement in air strikes in Syria risks putting her in a lose-lose situation.

Britain cannot be seen to take the use of chemical weapons in Salisbury more seriously than their use in Syria, but there are no easy options for the prime minister.

Donald Trump has clearly made up his mind, tweeting apocalyptically: "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria.

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