Tories on social media?

"We will fight them on the Twitter feeds and in the Facebook posts"

Pathetic Tories have to hire tweeters to compete with Labour on social media

How utterly pathetic.

The Tories have twigged that they can't beat Labour on the social media using their own talent - they don't have any - so they have decided to use their huge bank accounts to buy campaigning muscle instead.

Because there can be no finer endorsement of a party's policies than literally having to pay people to defend them. . .

Concerns have already been raised that this should be illegal - but This Writer has a sneaking feeling it already is.

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Do the Tories need to hire people to boost their social media presence?

By Joe Harker

As far as politics goes, the battle to be right is never ending.

Social media is therefore the perfect battleground for the armies of supporters each political party has to fight over every single issue and determine who is really correct, although many of these online fights are little more than victory parades around the echo chamber and any attempt to step into enemy territory is met with crushing defeat. Neither side is likely to be convinced by the other, though that is perhaps not so important.

However, the audience sizes can be disparate and when it comes to the two biggest parties in the UK, Labour and the Conservatives, one side is trouncing the other. The Conservatives are not doing as well as they'd like and in response have reportedly hired their own army of tweeters to claw back some ground on social media.

Party Chairman Brandon Lewis believes the Tories can't win on social media sites due to the "unbelievably abusive and vitriolic" response. He fears that each time a Tory expresses their opinion on social media a fleet of tweets is deployed to disagree and link to articles that contradict that opinion. After a while Tory-supporting tweeters might not bother at all, thus reducing the party's voice online. This could hurt the party's long-term support as those wanting to engage with politics may start by looking online. If the Tories are a quiet voice then they could attract less support.

It's not just among their support that the Tories want to make improvements, as their own online strategy has been sorely lacking for some time. Labour's social media work and online strategy have been credited as significant reasons behind improved results in recent elections, they're winning the online battle and making their opponents look bad in the process.

It wasn't always like this, as the Tories seemed to have the upper hand back in 2015. Professor Philip Cowley, of Queen Mary's University, believes they were "ruthless" back then and Labour were struggling. He said: "It is only two years ago that after an election we decided that there was a real problem with being very popular among people on social media - which was that you just got yourself into a bubble of self-congratulation and mutual moral masturbation about how wonderful you were."

The party also struggles to create viral content that ends up being seen by huge amounts of people. Some of their work is just bad social media practice and their recent biggest social media posts are official apologies after making defamatory statements about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Having to apologise for lying after being threatened with legal action is not a good look and it is even worse when it is shared around by tens of thousands of people.

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