Theresa May ratings dip?

British press split over PM's popularity

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Corbyn says he's leading 'government in waiting'

Labour would be much further ahead in the polls if Jeremy Corbyn could convince people who share his party’s values to vote Labour at the ballot box, a study has revealed.

YouGov research indicates that while more than 40 per cent of people feel Labour shares their values, far fewer are yet prepared to support the party with their vote.

The Fabian Society, which commissioned the study, said it points to an untapped pool of support ahead of crucial elections in May, but it also comes amid criticism from Labour insiders that Mr Corbyn should be further ahead following Theresa May’s chaotic autumn.

However, in his New Year's Eve message Jeremy Corbyn said that Labour is "staking out the new centre ground in British politics".

Mr Corbyn said the prospect of a "new Britain" was "closer than ever" and he was leading a "government in waiting".

In the video message, Mr Corbyn said the UK was being “held back by a self-serving elite who look after themselves and their friends”.

"I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Ours is a fantastic country full of wonderful, caring and talented people with the hope of a great future ahead of us, where we all share in the wealth we create,” Mr Corbyn said.

"But we are being held back by a self-serving elite, who look after themselves and their friends and a failed system which delivers staggering wealth at the top, while more and more people struggle to simply make ends meet."

Highlighting the recent general election and taking aim at “the establishment”, Mr Corbyn said they had “no idea” how to fix the “broken system”.

"In 2017 we said: no more. There is an alternative and millions joined our cause in the general election,” he said.

"And now the establishment’s secret is out: they’re not as strong as they appear. Let’s face it, they have no idea how to fix their broken system or upgrade our stagnant economy.

"In 2018, Labour’s mission is to give our people support and security and use their talents, unleash their creativity and fulfil their hopes."

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