Tesco Muslim ad offensive?

Viewers complain Muslims don't celebrate Christmas

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Best of the Christmas ads?

By Diane Cooke

Asda and Marks & Spencer were the first to release their Christmas ads this year.

The M&S advert featuring Paddington bear outscored the John Lewis monster in a Daily Mail poll by two-to-one

And although, Tesco seems to have annoyed some by featuring a Muslim family (they don't celebrate Christmas, do they?), the supermarket seems to have added non-PC insult to injury by not even stocking halal turkeys.

But Lidl is not content with one Christmas advert, the supermarket chain has chosen to release three.

They are titled ‘Cavalier Carvers’, ‘Double Dippers’ and ‘Mince Pie Maverick’.

Each one is focused on a different festive character, including the enthusiastic turkey carver or the person who cannot eat too many mince pies.

Kevin the Carrot has made a comeback for Aldi with one of the funniest lines of the festive offerings - "I think I've pea-d myself," - alright, alright maybe you have to watch it to appreciate the humour.

Moz the Monster has joined a long list of lovable characters as part of the John Lewis Christmas campaign.

The huge monster under the bed has loads of fun with little boy Joe before realising that his human chum simply must get to sleep.

The John Lewis ad has become a fixture of the consumer festive calendar, introducing characters ranging from a lovelorn snowman and his snow girlfriend to trampolining dog, Buster.

It might not have made the same headlines as the John Lewis one, but lots of people are hailing the Debenhams Christmas advert as the best one yet.

The You Shall film takes inspiration from Charles Perrault’s classic 1697 fairytale, Cinderella, and has had people swooning.

The commercial tells the story of a young woman who loses her bejewelled shoe on a crowded train and the handsome stranger who finds it.

After he uses social networking and the media to try and find her to no avail, the pair end up bumping into each other and share a kiss on a snow-covered street.

Directed by Hanna Maria Heidrich, the multi-million pound campaign was filmed back in July in 39 degree heat in Budapest and was created with tonnes of fake snow.

Hollywood star Ewan McGregor even makes a cameo in the advert.

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