SCOTUS vacate net neutrality?

DOJ and FCC request Supreme Court vacate 2016 ruling

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How to Explain Why Net Neutrality Matters to Your Friends Who Don't Get It

1. “Think of it like cable...”

This is the most relatable way to explain the important of net neutrality. Most people have paid for TV at some point, and understand the way cable providers force you to pay extra for channels you don’t want just to get HBO or follow your favorite sports team.

These new rules could do the same thing to the internet by carving it up into bundles. Love Netflix? You might have to pay extra for a bunch of other streaming services you’re not interested in, too. The same goes for social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you need a visual aid, use this image of internet package options in Portugal. It’s missing a bit of context, but still gets the point across pretty accurately.

2. “The internet should be treated as a utility, just like electricity or water”

You might not physically need the internet to survive, but for most of us it’s become an absolute necessity. We rely on the internet for work, to communicate with family and friends, and to organize our lives.

Putting such an important tool entirely in the hands of companies that care about profits above all else is a dangerous idea. You wouldn’t let the free market decide the price of tap water or electricity without any regulation. So why should we let it decide to fate of the internet?

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