Pessimistic about Brexit deal?

44% of the public expect UK to leave EU without a deal

Daily Express

'NOW IS THE TIME!' May issues Brexit rallying cry ahead of crunch EU talks

THERESA May has proclaimed “now is the time” to conclude Brexit negotiations ahead of her crunch meeting with European Union leaders tonight.

The Prime Minister warned her counterparts that reaching a deal is in the "interests not just of the UK but also of the EU" as she made her entrance to the European Council summit.

She is in Brussels to brief EU27 leaders on the current state of negotiations after they once again reached a bitter deadlock over the Irish border.

"We've solved most issues in the withdrawal agreement," Mrs May told reporters in the Belgian capital.

"There's still the question of the Northern Irish backstop but we can achieve a deal.

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Public pessimistic about prospect of Brexit deal and impact of leaving EU, major new survey finds - UK in a changing Europe

A major new survey by the Policy Institute at King's College London, in partnership with Ipsos MORI and the UK in a Changing Europe, reveals what the public think will happen in the Brexit negotiations, and the impact of leaving the EU on key issues over the following five years:

  • 44% of the public expect the UK to leave the EU in March 2019 without a deal in place, 29% expect us to leave with a deal and 7% think we will not leave the EU in March.
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The Guardian

Germany and France start to draw up no-deal Brexit contingency plans

Germany and France are starting to step up their preparations for a no-deal Brexit even though both publicly insist an agreement with the UK over the terms of its departure from the EU can still be achieved.

Angela Merkel revealed for the first time on Wednesday that Germany was drawing up contingency plans, saying the government had started making “suitable preparations” for the possibility of Britain leaving with no accord.

While there was there was still a chance for a deal, it was “only fitting as a responsible and forward-thinking government leadership that we prepare for every scenario”, the German chancellor told MPs in Berlin. “That includes the possibility of Britain leaving the EU without an agreement.”

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