Nationalise the railways?

UK train fares five times more than European countries

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The perils of nationalisation

WHEN Jeremy Corbyn unveiled his Labour manifesto ahead of the recent British election, opponents gawked at pledges to renationalise the postal and rail systems. Such enthusiasm for state ownership smacks of a philosophy long since abandoned by leaders on both left and right. Despite Labour's decent electoral performance, nationalisation is not everywhere on the march; on June 5th Donald Trump made public his desire to privatise air-traffic control. But the rise of Mr Corbyn and Bernie Sanders hints at a weakening of the rich-world consensus that the less of the economy owned by government, the better.

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YouGov | Nationalisation vs privatisation: the public view

Following Labour’s manifesto pledge to nationalise (or renationalise) several industries, YouGov looks at who the public thinks should run 13 different industries and companies.

With Labour’s manifesto pledging to nationalise or renationalise several industries, the nationalisation vs privatisation debate is back on the agenda once again. A new YouGov survey asks about nationalisation vs privatisation on 13 different industries and companies: our most extensive list to date.

Previous YouGov surveys have always highlighted that state ownership of companies and industries tend to be popular with the public. And although YouGov has pointed out previously why popular manifesto pledges are not a sign of a party’s impending power, Labour will hope that these policies will help to improve its standing as election day approaches.

The results of our latest research show that there are four services that the public is especially keen to have in public hands: the police (87%), the NHS (84%), the armed forces (83%) and schools (81%).

While support for nationalisation drops off beyond these services, state ownership is still the preferred option for a majority of people across most of the industries we asked about. In fact, there were only three sectors on the list that the majority of British people wanted to remain in private hands: telephone and internet providers (53% want them run by the private sector), banks (also 53%) and airlines (68%).

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Left Foot Forward

Our train fares are 5 times more than European countries - time to renationalise the railways

There's no excuse for these fare hikes when you look at the cost of rail travel in Europe.

Commuters in the UK are paying up to five times more on train fares than commuters in other European countries, research from the TUC showed today.

And not only are we paying through the nose for public transport: the trains we're using are the oldest since records began, research over the weekend showed.

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