Lose the House = Impeachment?

Republicans are talking up fears of Trump being impeached


Forget About Impeaching Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller's cryptic message to Donald Trump's attorneys-that the president is being investigated but is not currently a criminal target-is certain to intensify talk of impeachment. As Princeton University professor Keith Whittington told the Washington Post in response to the news, while Trump could still become a criminal target, "The president's personal risk is primarily on the impeachment front.

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Will Donald Trump be impeached if Republicans lose the House?

By Joe Harker

There has been a lot of talk about Donald Trump and impeachment since he got elected.

Most of it is from those who find his politics, personality or past deeds utterly repulsive. However, it's now the Republicans who are banging the impeachment drum and fuelling talk that Trump could be in serious danger, using it as a way to get voters to the polls and defend their President during the midterm elections.

Every seat in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate are up for grabs in the election, scheduled for November, and Republicans are warning that a Democrat majority in the House would lead to Trump's impeachment. If they took the house they could launch investigations and impeachment hearings, something the Republicans desperately want to avoid.

CNN reports that the Republican majority in the House is in serious danger. As time marches on more GOP-held seats are seen as competitive, according to CNN's tracker, with plenty of seats won with a strong majority falling into questionable territory. They predict that seats Trump won by double figures in 2016 being competitive two years later, is a sign that the Republicans will lose the House.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is not running for re-election, but echoed the warnings of his fellow Republicans that losing the House means impeachment for Trump. With the GOP in power they have stopped votes asking for the release of Trump's tax returns and put pressure on the Department of Justice. If the Democrats take the House that comes to an end and it could be a rude awakening for Trump.

The Democrats have been avoiding talk of the midterms leading to impeachment. If they're talking about it and the Republicans are talking about it then it becomes the issue of the elections, potentially rallying Trump's voter base to get out and vote in droves while putting off swing voters who aren't sure about going against the President.

PBS reports that 47 per cent of voters would refuse to back a candidate that campaigned on impeaching Trump, compared to 42 per cent who would and 10 per cent who were unsure about the matter. For Democrats to pick this fight would be to lose almost half the electorate immediately, including 18 per cent of their own voters. It would also validate the fearful calls of Republicans.

If the Republicans lost the House of Representatives then it would become easier to investigate and impeach the President. However, allowing that issue to dominate the midterms would be a problem for the Democrats.

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Trump says that the Democrats will impeach him if Republicans lose control of the House of Representatives

Donald Trump has urged Republicans to fight to keep control of the House of Representatives to save him being impeached by the Democrats.

Republicans currently hold a 235-193 advantage in the lower chamber of the US Congress. But some Democrats believe that with Mr Trump's low approval rating and strong enthusiasm among its grassroots supporters, they can flip the 24 Republicans they would need to retake control in the November midterm elections.

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