Labour losing ground?

Labour might be losing some of the support it had won

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Are Labour falling behind the Conservatives?

By Joe Harker

The Tories are making a mess of Brexit, they can't make a decision without fighting among themselves and Theresa May looks like a dead woman walking at times.

Naturally, the latest YouGov poll has them four points ahead of Labour and polling at their highest point since the General Election. With all their apparent problems how have they managed to overtake their opponents in the polls?

Labour has been falling in the polls since the new year, hitting level polling in mid January and now seems to have fallen further. For a party with a clear gap several months ago this must come as a disappointment as the swell of support it gained just before the election seems to have deteriorated. While it was always going to be hard to keep everyone on board the party may have to try and win back voters all over again.

One place where the Tories seem to be doing much better than Labour is the electorate seeing their leader as the best person to be Prime Minister. Although Theresa May might be less than enthused to hear only 37 per cent of the country think she is the best choice to be Prime Minister, she can console herself with the same poll putting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on 29 per cent. While Corybn has been credited with bringing plenty of new voters to the party he may still struggle with being regarded as a potential Prime Minister by the electorate at large.

Less rosy reading for May is the statistic that says 59 per cent of the electorate think she is doing a bad job at leading the country. Perhaps she is simply seen as the best of a bad bunch, or perhaps the electorate can think May is failing as Prime Minister and still doubt that Corbyn is the right person to take over.

The Daily Mail reports that the Tories are still preparing for a "wipeout" in local London elections despite their increase in lead. Barnet, Westminster and Wandsworth were once considered Tory strongholds but the Mail reports that party members expect to lose them. London is not representative of the rest of the UK but it will still be troubling to the Tories that once safe seats and councils are no longer quite as secure.

HuffPostUK suggests that Brexit is still a big issue with the public and warns Labour that adopting a pro-Brexit stance will cost them the next election. Labour have said they will go along with the referendum result but doing so could see them lose a big chunk of votes to the Liberal Democrats who are staunchly pro-Remain.

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