Johnson out of the loop?

Boris Johnson's popularity is falling, is he yesterday's man?

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YouGov | Boris Johnson's popularity has plummeted among Conservative and Leave voters

The former foreign secretary now has a net negative favourability rating among both groups The speech given by Boris Johnson may have been covered just as closely by the press, and the former foreign secretary’s head may adorn the top half of the Daily Telegraph on a weekly basis, but neither of these things seem to be doing him much good.

New YouGov data can reveal that the proportion of people with a favourable view of Boris has slumped over the last six weeks.

At the beginning of September Boris Johnson’s favourability figures were marginally less bad than Theresa May’s, at -22 to the Prime Minister’s -26.

However, by the eve of his speech to Conservative conference Boris’s score had fallen to -28 and has subsequently fallen further to -35. By contrast, Theresa May’s score has marginally improved over the same time period to -22.

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