John Kerry for POTUS?

He lost to George W Bush in 2004 but Kerry might run again

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Perspective | To win in 2020, Democrats need a young nominee

With the midterm elections complete, the jockeying for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination will begin in earnest.

Within a few months, maybe less, major contenders will begin officially announcing their candidacies. Already, the national media has devoted an enormous amount of attention to the race, speculating about the future prospects of Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass. ) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt. ), as well as former vice president Joe Biden. Some even believe that former nominees Hillary Clinton or John F.

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Should candidates who ran for president get the chance to try again?

By Joe Harker

John Kerry was Barack Obama's secretary of state between 2013 and 2017, he was also the man who stood and lost to George W Bush in the 2004 presidential election. A long serving and respected politician in the Democratic party, Kerry has said he will not rule out running to be the nominee the party puts up against Donald Trump in 2020.

The politician said he wouldn't be "taking anything off the table" when asked whether he was considering running as the Democratic nominee and said he would think about it, though insisted he hadn't already started laying the groundwork for a potential campaign. Kerry would have the requisite experience for the White House but is he the person the party needs to take on Trump?

When choosing who to nominate for the presidency experience is not the only thing to be considered, otherwise Trump would never have been elected in the first place. You have to be the person the US believes it needs at the time, your campaign needs to convince people you are the perfect person to reflect modern America and the challenges facing it.

Unless he is impeached or ahem expires in office, Trump will be leading the Republicans into the 2020 elections. The Democrats could go with Kerry, a man with plenty of experience in politics and a strong record to back him up, but is he the figurehead the party wants to present to the public? He would be 77 by the time he was sworn in as president, perhaps the party wants a younger leader less associated with the establishment.

Perhaps that is true of several other candidates for the Democratic nomination. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders also have plenty of experience in politics and have been considering running as the nominee and are popular due to their time as vice president and previous attempt to become Democratic nominee respectively.

However, like Kerry they are old men of the establishment and aren't going to signal a renewal of the party with the presidency. In the 2016 election Hillary Clinton had plenty of experience but this was used against her by Trump's campaign. The current president presented himself as an outsider and appealed to voters who felt the establishment lied to them. Enough Americans believed it to create a core of support who vociferously hate what they believe to be "the establishment". Old Democrats aren't going to win them over.

If the party believes it needs refreshing then there are other candidates who would be a better choice than Kerry. Beto O'Rourke failed to unseat Ted Cruz in Texas but he gained nationwide popularity for his campaign and ran Cruz close in the Republican's largest stronghold. He's a popular politician right now, something the Democrats could do well to exploit.

CNN selected California senator Kamala Harris as the frontrunner for the Democrats. They suggest that as a "young-ish non-white woman" she best represents the new voting base of the party. Harris is popular too, and might be the perfect candidate to be presented as the antithesis to Trump and galvanise voters who cannot stand their president.

The New York Times reports that a lot of potential presidential nominees are "thinking about it", but it might help if the party could get some idea of the type of person who they want to run against Trump. Elections are always in part defined by their participants so the Democrats cannot discount what the potential nominees would bring to the table against the current president.

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John Kerry on running for president in 2020: 'I'm going to think about it'

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that he is going to think about a 2020 presidential bid, saying in response to a question about his plans that he was "not taking anything off the table."

"I've said I'm not going to eliminate, I'm not taking anything off the table," the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee said during an event at Harvard's Institute of Politics. "But I'm not sitting around -- I haven't been running around to the most obvious states, laying any groundwork or doing anything. Am I going to think about it? Yeah, I'm going to think about it, I've said that point blank."

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