Ivanka Trump to the UN?

Donald Trump thinks there'd be no one better for the job

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Ivanka Trump shoots down rampant speculation that she'll replace Nikki Haley as UN ambassador - an appointment that legal experts say could violate anti-nepotism laws

  • Since US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley resigned on Tuesday, there has been speculation that President Donald Trump will nominate his daughter, Ivanka, for the job.

  • The conversation was fueled when a Twitter account noted that Ivanka started following several defense accounts on Twitter on Monday.

  • Trump said Tuesday he thinks Ivanka would be great for the role, but she has ruled it out.

  • The speculation raises questions about whether a potential Ivanka appointment would be a violation of the 1967 anti-nepotism law.

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Why does Donald Trump think his daugher is right for the United Nations?

By Joe Harker

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, resigned from her position two days ago. She cited a desire to "take a break" from public service. Praised by Donald Trump, who said she had done an "incredible job", it seems that she will be welcomed back into his administration if she chooses to return to politics.

Soon afterwards, the president suggested that the best person to replace Haley in the role was his daughter, Ivanka. He said she would be "dynamite" in the role when asked whether he would consider appointing his daughter. He said: "There's nothing to do with nepotism, but I want to tell you, the people that know, know that Ivanka would be dynamite.

"But I'd then be accused of nepotism if you can believe it. I'd be accused of nepotism, even though I'm not sure there's anybody more competent in the world. We are looking at numerous people and the name you just mentioned has been thrown about."

Ivanka Trump has said she won't be taking over Haley's role as ambassador to the UN. She already works as a special adviser to her father, as does her husband Jared Kushner. She said: "It is an honor to serve in the White House alongside so many great colleagues and I know that the President will nominate a formidable replacement for Ambassador Haley.

"That replacement will not be me."

Trump has been accused of nepotism several times before. Appointing his daughter and her husband to special roles in his administration was criticised and the president had to be told that he couldn't just appoint his children to important positions. It hadn't occurred to Trump that he couldn't appoint his son in law as his chief of staff, nor that they wouldn't immediately get security clearance.

Writing in the Financial Times, Edward Luce warns that Haley's departure "paves the way for unbridled America First". He writes that her resignation is due to infighting with John Bolton, Trump's national security adviser. With her gone he suggests that only defence secretary Jim Mattis is part of the "axis of adults" that were supposed to bring maturity to the Trump administration.

Without her influence Trump will continue to lash out at other nations with harsh words and tariffs but Haley will not be there to smooth things over and calm tensions the president creates. Without the political grown ups to rein him in, what will Trump do next?

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Trump says 'no one more competent in the world' than Ivanka to do US Ambassador job

President Donald Trump says there's no-one more qualified "in the world" to become the next US ambassador to the United Nations than his daughter Ivanka.

Speaking to the media on the White House lawn, he described the 36-year-old as "dynamite".

Earlier today, Ms Haley announced she would be resigning from the role and will be leaving the administration by the end of 2018.

More follows...

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