Is the gap closing?

The Tories are ahead, but are they safe?

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Are the polls starting to close in the general election?

By Joe Harker

There's less than two weeks to go before the UK chooses the government to run things for the next five years while also determining the path of Brexit.

However, there is a chance that the vote won't deliver any political party a majority and would instead lead to a hung parliament.

Is that the way the polls are going, or will the UK soon have a majority government again?

The Claim:

There are only two parties realistically able to gain a majority in the House of Commons, Labour and the Conservatives, and the chances of a Labour majority are considered to be almost nil.

In that case Jeremy Corbyn's party are instead aiming to secure a hung parliament, meaning Boris Johnson has no majority to govern and would struggle to form a government.

Labour don't need to overtake the Tories in the polls, just drag them down far enough to deprive them of any chance of getting a working majority. Johnson has almost no parties he can ally with, meaning a lack of a majority could scupper his chances of staying in Downing Street.

The gap between the two largest parties is closing, so Labour might just get exactly what they want.

The more Labour cuts into the Tory lead the bigger the chances of a hung parliament. They almost certainly won't overtake them but they don't necessarily need to.

The Counter Claim:

However, the Tories have a rather significant lead over Labour and there's not much time left before Brits cast their all important ballots (warning, ballots may not be as important depending on the seat you vote in).

Most polls have their lead over Labour still in double figures. As long as that situation persists the Tories are expect to get their majority, even if it's a little bit slim.

The unpopularity of Jeremy Corbyn and the collapse of the Brexit Party play into Boris Johnson's hands, giving him a mostly clear run at the right-wing eurosceptic vote while other voter demographics are split among more parties.

Even if the polls are closing it may be too late for Labour to prevent the Tories from getting a majority, the clock is ticking down towards the December 12 voting day.

Time is on the Tories side, even if the polling trend isn't. They'll be wanting things to come to an end before Labour makes up enough ground. Will they manage it?

The Facts:

It's hard to say at this point, only the result of the general election will tell how successful each party was in their campaigning.

Both Labour and the Tories have hit trouble in the past week, with Jeremy Corbyn struggling to answer questions on anti-semitism and Boris Johnson ducking out of a series of interviews which is creating the idea that he's scared of scrutiny.

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