Is Brexodus underway?

Over 2,000 EU academics have resigned from UK universities

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Has there been a 'Brexodus' of EU citizens since the referendum?

Around 3.7 million people living in the UK are citizens of another EU country, a record number. That's about 6% of the UK population, and is according to the latest figures covering the 12 months up to June 2017-the year following the EU referendum.

That compares to 3.4 million in the year before the referendum. So overall, the other EU citizen population in the UK has gone up by an estimated 275,000 since the Brexit vote, an increase of 8%.

This may represent a slight slowing down in the rate of EU population growth, but the available figures aren’t completely clear. We know the population of other EU nationals in the UK increased by about 13% between 2015 and 2016, although some of that period overlaps with the referendum itself.

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