Farage Against The Machine?

Rage Against The Machine has reportedly sent a cease and desist letter


Rage Against The Machine issue cease and desist over Nigel Farage's podcast

Rage Against The Machine have reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to your old mate Nigel Farage over his LBC podcast Farage Against The Machine.

The band hit out at the former UKIP leader and persistent panic peddler earlier in the year when he first launched his podcast with a pun-tastic name that doesn't really work.

A post on the band’s semi-official Twitter account at the time stated: “Failed right-wing British politician Nigel Farage has called his podcast ‘Farage Against The Machine’. This pissweasel IS the machine – peddling the sort of inane, blame-heavy bullshit that the guys in [Rage Against The Machine] have been raging against since day one”.

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Farage planning return to UKIP

By Diane Cooke

Nigel Farage has earned between £524,000 and £700,000 through TV and radio work in the last four years, according to transparency campaigners who are calling on MEPs to be more open about second jobs, writes The Guardian.

He has the highest earnings outside the European parliament of any of Britain’s 73 MEPs, according to a report by Transparency International.

According to his own declarations, Farage has earned between €590,048 and €790,000 in the four years since the current parliament session began in July 2014. His exact earnings are unknown as MEPs are required to declare outside earnings only in broad bands.

But the British public may be about to see a whole lot more of Mr Farage as he declared that he will once again stand as UKIP leader citing the government’s “sell out” on Brexit.

Mr Farage plans to stand again as the party leader when current leader Gerard Batten’s term ends in March next year.

Making the announcement, he blasted Theresa May and her government, calling the Prime Minister “appalling.”

Mr Farage, who quit as leader following the 2016 EU referendum result, called on Conservative MPs to hold a vote of no confidence over the Prime Minister.

Speaking on his regular LBC radio phone-in, Mr Farage said: "I've already said that if Article 50 gets suspended beyond March 29, I will put myself back into full-time campaigning.

"I will add to that tonight. Gerard Batten, who is the leader of UKIP and has my confidence and support - his term as leader comes to an end in March of next year.

"There will be a leadership contest within UKIP in March next year. If Brexit is not back on track, if we're not actually going to be leaving and if this Chequers agreement has not been broken, I will very seriously consider putting my name forward to run as leader of UKIP again.

"I can assure any Conservatives listening to this, sitting in marginal seats, who are not prepared to stand up and honour the wishes of the electorate, I will make damn sure in that situation that you all lose your seats.

"Because there are millions of Conservative voters very unhappy indeed."

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Farage Against The Machine: Nigel Farage's New Podcast For LBC

Nigel Farage has spent 25 years questioning the establishment. In his new podcast for LBC, he will challenge some of the world's most powerful figures.

Farage Against The Machine is a free podcast from LBC.

In this podcast, you will get a front row seat into an ever-changing political landscape and unprecedented access on Nigel Farage's journey.

It won't just be people that Nigel agrees with. He wants to challenge the most controversial figures on all sides of the political spectrum.

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