Defending Gaza massacre?

Israeli forces fired in a "measured" and "surgical" way, says ambassador

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Jeremy Corbyn blasts UK response to 'flagrant illegality' of Israeli Gaza killings

The Labour leader said ministers "cannot turn a blind eye to such wanton disregard for international law" as he called for Britain to review its arms sales to the country.

The Government implored Israel to show "greater restraint" in its effort to defend its borders after troops killed at least 55 Palestinians protesting on the day the new US embassy was opened in Jerusalem.

The Foreign Office said that while the country had the right to shore up its frontier against protesters, "the large volume of live fire is extremely concerning", in what has been the deadliest outbreak of violence in the region since the 2014 war.

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The consequences of a Trump decision

By Diane Cooke

The world must be wondering how Donald Trump is feeling this morning.

He decides to re-locate the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and 59 Palestinian protesters are killed and 2,400 injured as a result. A baby also died of tear gas inhalation during the massacre at the Gaza border.

Israeli forces opened fire on demonstrators protesting the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

As bodies fell on the border on what became the bloodiest day in Gaza since the 2014 war, US and Israeli officials celebrated the opening of the embassy.

At this point it's hard to see how, in formally breaking from decades of established American policy and international practice, the move, according to US officials, will create greater regional stability.

Critics say the decision to recognise Jerusalem as the Israeli capital could make a region already struggling with four ongoing conflicts all the more combustible. And they argue it marks the end of the US role as an "honest broker" in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

There has been global condemnation of Israel's "surgical" approach to the protesters as the violence continued for a second day yesterday.

The UK’s Minister for the Middle East, Alistair Burt condemned the violence.

His statement said: "The violence today in Gaza and the West Bank has been shocking. The loss of life and the large number of injured Palestinians is tragic, and it is extremely worrying that the number of those killed continues to rise.

"Such violence is destructive to peace efforts. We have been clear that the UK supports the Palestinians’ right to protest, but these protests must be peaceful.

"It is deplorable that extremist elements may have been seeking to exploit these protests for their own violent purposes. We will not waver from our support for Israel’s right to defend its borders. But the large volume of live fire is extremely concerning. We continue to implore Israel to show greater restraint.

"The UK remains committed to a two-state solution with Jerusalem as a shared capital. All sides now need to show real leadership and courage, promote calm, refrain from inflaming tensions further, and show with renewed urgency that the path to a two-state solution is through negotiation and peace."

The New York Daily News said protesters "tried to detonate bombs and shoot soldiers, and sought to breach the Jewish state's security fence", blaming "Hamas terrorists and their enablers in the Palestinian Authority", for inciting citizens.

UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has described the deaths as an “outrage” and has called for action by the international community to “hold those responsible to account”.

Describing the violence on the Gaza border as a “slaughter”, the Labour leader accused the IDF of a “wanton disregard for international law” and repeated his call for a review of UK arms sale to Israel.

But Mr Corbyn referenced Israeli peace and justice campaigners and insisted Western governments should follow their lead “to demand an end to the multiple abuses of human and political rights Palestinians face on a daily basis, the 11-year siege of Gaza, the continuing 50-year occupation of Palestinian territory and the ongoing expansion of illegal settlements”.

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Mark Regev defends Israel's 'measured and surgical' response to Gaza protests

Israeli forces used live fire in a "measured" and "surgical" way, the country's ambassador to the UK claimed as the British government called for restraint after violence which claimed dozens of lives.

Ambassador Mark Regev said Israel "did everything we could" to avoid the bloodshed at the border with Gaza, which saw soldiers open fire on protesters.

The diplomat insisted that the protests were organised by militant group Hamas with an aim to "breach the border, to get inside Israel and to kill Israeli citizens".

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