Cummings out of favour?

The prime minister's top adviser might be losing influence

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Classic Dom: Is Boris Johnson's top adviser losing favour?

By Joe Harker

Dominic Cummings is Boris Johnson's top adviser, the man who directed Vote Leave during the Brexit referendum and reportedly masterminded the strategy behind the Conservative victory at last year's general election.

You'd be forgiven for thinking he'd be top of the world, but apparently Cummings has been getting embroiled in conflicts with cabinet ministers.

His hopes for a radical shake-up of Westminster also looks set to be watered down, according to The Independent, so is Johnson's right hand man losing his influence?

The Claim:

One enemy Cummings has reportedly made is Carrie Symonds, the prime minister's girlfriend.

She is apparently supporting chancellor of the exchequer Sajid Javid and defence secretary Ben Wallace, a pair of ministers Cummings is reportedly trying to persuade the prime minister to fire.

Described as having an "aggressive approach", Cummings appears unlikely to get what he wants in regards to Javid as the prime minister is due to announce the ins and outs of his post-election cabinet.

With the media, the BBC and what he sees as the traditional Westminster establishment in his sights, Cummings is going to need help to make the changes he wants now he's got his hands on real power.

Picking fights he looks set to lose and lacking allies in Downing Street besides the prime minister himself, he might be in a more precarious position than first thought. If enough people speak out against Cummings then Johnson might decide he's more trouble than he's worth.

The Counter Claim:

However, this is Dominic Cummings we're talking about. Whatever your personal opinion of him is, he's one of the key figures in Leave winning the Brexit referendum and the Tories winning a huge majority in the general election.

Those sorts of successes give him plenty of credit when it comes to staying on Johnson's good side.

The Daily Mail questions whether Cummings is losing the plot while enjoying his greatest triumph, but said triumph ought to shield him from plenty of opposition for a while.

The prime minister has much to thank his top adviser for. It's unlikely Johnson would have become prime minister without the 2016 referendum going the way of Leave and he owes his huge majority in part to Cummings.

Cabinet ministers might not like him and he may be picking fights he's losing but when the time comes to show off his achievements Cummings can boast two of the most important voting results under his belt.

The Facts:

With the government enjoying such a significant majority their worst enemy over the next few years will be themselves. Johnson didn't win his majority only to see his government descend into squabbling between his cabinet and his senior adviser.

For one who has read Sun Tzu and Machiavelli, Cummings might be worried that he's becoming too visible to operate properly and that he's going from feared to being hated.

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