Could Scotland still leave?

The SNP leader said she would back another referendum.

The Scotsman

Brexit won't lead to Scottish independence

SNP Deputy Leader, Keith Brown, and Conservative Secretary for Scotland, David Mundell, have both claimed Brexit could lead to Scottish independence. They are both wrong.

Irrespective of what type of Brexit the UK ends up with, be it a WTO Full Brexit with lashings of Houses of Parliament Sauce, a Canada-plus Free Trade Agreement, or a Chequers-minus deal that delivers Brexit in name only – they are all toxic to the cause of Scottish nationalism.

Brexit is Green Kryptonite, to Keith Brown and Nicola Sturgeon; they will be weakened by it, for whatever one thinks of Brexit there is no escaping it makes the case for independence less attractive. Worse still, and despite what Brown and Mundell say, the more calamitous it is the worse independence will look to ordinary voters. If there’s so much havoc leaving the EU what would they expect leaving the UK to be like?

Once we leave the EU on 29th March any benefits accrued to the UK are likely to be lost forever to an independent Scotland seeking to rejoin the EU, while any benefits that once considered worth the high price of EU membership will not necessarily be reintroduced.

Brexit benefits should include not facing an annual bill of £10bn – which should deliver a Brexit Bonus for Holyrood of around one billion per annum. It should mean taking back control of our fisheries policy – which will be of greater importance to Scotland to the rest of the UK – as well as shaping agriculture policy to suit the needs of Scottish farmers within the UK’s single market.

Further Brexit benefits should include the ability to change our laws about how we trade and apply taxes; we should be able to open freeports in Grangemouth and Prestwick that will act as magnets to international duty free assembly – while we can decide to change what items are subject to VAT, what else we tax and at what rate, or what our tariffs for imports might be (maintaining, lowering or abolishing some – or raising others such as steel).

Once the UK is outside the EU then the SNP faces the challenge of arguing why it will be easy and painless to extract Scotland from a union of 311 years compared to the calamity it expects from the UK leaving a union of only 45 years. Alex Salmond reckoned Scotland required only eighteen months to exit the UK, yet with no deal yet agreed and a transition period if there is one, it could take five years to leave the EU fully in 2021.

Scottish exports to the rest of the UK are £46bn, which is more than its £13bn exports to the 27 other EU states and the £17bn to the rest of the world combined. The Fraser of Allander has put the number of Scottish jobs related to EU exports at 125,000 but for our trade with rUK it estimates 529,000. The threat to our prized financial services economy is existential, with most of their customers being English residents many, if not all, would have to move their HQs and associated operations to Leeds, Manchester or London. If Brexit is tough then independence is off the scale.

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Could Scotland still leave?

By Jim Scott

In 2014, Scotland had its referendum on whether the country should gain its independence or stay joined at the hip with the rest of the UK. Around 55 percent of voters said No to independence, meaning the Brexit vote just under three years later, would force Scotland to follow in whatever direction Parliament decided. But as SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said on Sunday that she would back a new Brexit referendum, could Scotland get another chance at independence?

Well tens of thousands of people think they could. In an effort to show support and solidarity in the name of Scottish independence from the rest of the UK, around 20,000 people staged a march through Edinburgh's city centre at the start of October. The march was only one of many that the Scots had held in their fight for independence.

But Scotland's relationship between its own devolved government and parliament has frayed over the last several months.

It was recently claimed that Scottish Brexit secretary Michael Russell demanded Prime Minister Theresa May apologise on behalf of members of her conservative government "pleading with the EU to do nothing to help Scotland" as private notes about borders were allegedly leaked to a national newspaper earlier this week.

Theresa May also had strong words for Nicola Sturgeon and accused the SNP leader of "betraying" Scotland with plans which could "ruin" Britain's fishing industry, the Express reports.

Sturgeon had been accused by politicians that she was "trying" to leave the control of Scotland's fishing waters with the EU, keeping water's bound by the Common Fisheries Policy which manages and monitors fishing ships and supply. The policy allows all European fishing ships equal access to water's belonging to countries which are considered within the EU.

During the Conservative Conference last week, May said Sturgeon's attempt to rely on Brussels would affect fishermen in an ultimate act of betrayal which meant Scotland's waters would still allow fishing from EU countries.

But as The Herald Scotland reports, a poll on Sunday revealed 50 percent of Scots would vote for independence again beyond Brexit. It was also said that the SNP pledged a new independence plan and relationship with the EU would be brought about, once the UK made their final Brexit plans known.

Reuters relayed Sunday's poll whilst mentioning that many of those living in Scotland felt they had been "forced to leave the EU even though it voted to stay".

When Britain voted to leave the EU, Scotland swayed firmly in favour of the UK staying, it was 62 percent remain and 38 percent leave. Days after the result, Nicola Sturgeon revealed intentions for independence and told the press she "saw" the future of Scotland within the European Union regardless of what would happen.

But as momentum regarding Scottish independence continues to grow, Scotland could get its independence without need for another referendum if enough support is canvassed. SNP MP, Joanna Cherry said an over-arching "democratic event" could trigger the divorce between the country and the rest of Britain.

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Scottish Independence Will Happen, It's Inevitable - Sturgeon

On Saturday, tens of thousands of Scottish independence supporters marched through the streets of Edinburgh amid escalating pressure on the Scottish National Party (SNP) as it prepared to set a date for a second referendum.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that it was great to see that polls showed support for an increased pro-independence mood in Scotland, however, she stated that timing was of the essence.

READ MORE: Scottish SNP Lost Votes Due to Plans to Hold New Independence Referendum

The official also noted that the next steps to take in resolving the issue of Scottish independence will be clarified when the measure to deal with Brexit will become more comprehensive.

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