Brexit 50p?

Sajid Javid wants the commemorative coin in mass circulation

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Will you be getting newly minted Brexit 50p coins in your pocket?

By Joe Harker

When Julius Caesar was murdered his assassins minted coins of themselves to commemorate their deed, it was a celebration of the act that ultimately led to their downfall and reputation as history's arch-traitors.

So anyway, Brexit.

Chancellor of the exchequer Sajid Javid wants to introduce a new commemorative Brexit 50p, an update to plans first introduced by his predecessor Philip Hammond.

The Claim:

However, while Hammond's plan involved minting 10,000 commemorative coins earmarked for collectors Javid would rather flood the UK with millions of new 50p coins in circulation.

He has asked Treasury officials whether it will be possible to have the tills of Britain fit to burst with the new Brexit 50ps in time for October 31.

It has been seen as an indication that the treasury, now under Javid's leadership, is fully committed to Brexit.

It's also an indication that the government is going full steam ahead with Brexit and do not expect to be deterred from taking the UK out of the EU "do or die" as per the prime minister's words.

If the chancellor succeeds then millions of the new coins will enter circulation, making it highly likely that most members of the public will end up coming into contact with one.

The Counter Claim:

However, the idea of a Brexit 50p was mocked when the idea was first mooted and the mockery persists.

Some members of the public suggested their own designs, including a picture of someone shooting themselves in the foot and one with the wording "Might have completely f-cked this lads".

Labour MP Wes Streeting went for a different tack in his humour, posting a picture of a pound coin as the UK's new unit of currency worth 50p. Considering the levels Sterling has fallen to he might not be too far off the truth.

Really, the opposition to the new 50p is determined by a person's opinion on the event it is supposed to be commemorating.

Those who aren't big fans of Brexit see it as minting a new coin in honour of a farce which has reduced the UK's international reputation and will cause massive economic damage, to the point that there might not be a UK for much longer.

The Facts:

The coin will be marked with "Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations" and the Brexit deadline date of October 31 stamped on the bottom.

Besides the new date it is exactly the same design that Hammond's commemorative coin would have had.

The coin would have to be signed off by the Queen's privy council of ministers who don't meet again until October, meaning Javid would be cutting it close to mint millions of coins and send them into circulation.

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