Boycott Ivanka Trump line?

Ivanka granted Chinese trademarks on meeting Xi Jinping

Business and politics stoke record sales of Ivanka's brand - Pattaya Mail

SHANGHAI (AP) - Since her father was elected president of the United States, global sales of Ivanka Trump merchandise have surged and her company has applied for at least nine new trademarks in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Canada and the U.S. The commercial engine of the first daughter's brand is stronger than ever even as she builds a new political career from her West Wing office.

Sales hit record levels in 2017, despite boycotts and several stores limiting her merchandise. U.S. imports, almost all from China, shot up an estimated 166 percent last year.

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The value of being the president's daughter?

Ivanka Trump has had new trademarks protecting the name of her company approved in China - and the reports are raising more than a few eyebrows..

Since Ivanka's father US President Donald Trump took office on January 20 this year, global sales of Ivanka Trump's merchandise have surged and her company Ivanka Trump Marks LLC has applied for a number of new trademarks in the Phillippines, Puerto Rico, Canada and the US.

The Associated Press now reports that since the inauguration, Ivanka Trump Marks LLC has won provisional approval from China for at least five new trademarks, adding to 16 already registered and more than 30 pending applications.

A spokesperson for the Ivanka Trump brand - which Ivanka no longer manages but still owns - said the trademarks filed in China this year were filed defensively to prevent counterfeiters from using her name.

It is understood that when President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping were meeting in Florida on April, Ivanka's firm won provisional approval from China for three new trademarks, covering jewellery, bags and spa services.

The trademarks were granted on April 6, the same day that she met Mr Xi at a summit at her father’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Ivanka, who works as an adviser to her dad, licenses her name to branded products including shoes, handbags and clothing. She also designs and sells jewellery.

However, the #GrabYourWallet campaign aims to boycott firms which have supported the Trumps.

It was started by two women angry about the president's comments about women and came out in October.

Co-founder Shannon Coulter reacted on Twitter, saying: "Big news everyone. You did this. I am in awe #GrabYourWallet.

"Those who voted against Donald control $7 trillion in spending.

"Never forget it. Never forget our power. Together, we can change a lot."

The campaign's website lists companies it supports boycotting and reasons they're linked to the US president.

In February, President Trump lashed out at the Nordstrom department store chain for dropping his daughter’s accessories and clothing line, once again raising ethical questions about the relationship between his presidency and his family’s sprawling business interests.

According to the New York Times, Trump had already broken with tradition by singling out companies for criticism, like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, automakers and news organisations, sometimes causing movements in their stock prices and prompting debates about whether corporations would tailor their conduct to suit the president. But in those cases, his ire targeted government contracts, departing American jobs or news coverage — not his own family’s personal fortunes.

Six days after Nordstrom announced that, based on sales, it would no longer carry Ms. Trump’s products — a decision that prompted some Trump supporters to call for a boycott of the stores — the president took to Twitter to complain that “Ivanka has been treated so unfairly” by the company.

He first posted the message from his personal account, and then re-sent it from his official White House account.

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