Boris Johnson's first year?

The prime minister has passed one year in Downing Street


Boris Johnson’s first year in No 10 has been worse than the wildest of nightmares

It is a year since Boris Johnson stood outside the door of 10 Downing Street as prime minister and shouted a curling word salad into the skies.

A year since he spoke of his plan for social care that was “ready to go”. Traditionally, at this point, the columnist points out that the plan did not, in fact, exist.

That it was a blatant and hopeless lie. But what does an entirely fictitious plan matter, when what care homes got instead was a tiny badge and a tsunami of entirely preventable deaths, for which Boris Johnson has had the almost unimaginable lack of class to blame them for instead of himself?

It is exactly a year since he harrumphed about how we are “going to get going now on our own satellite positioning technology!”

It was pointed out at the time that the UK had contributed hundreds of millions of pounds and vast amounts of intellectual capital towards Galileo, the EU’s new satellite positioning technology to which we no longer have access thanks to Brexit.

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The mixed reaction to Boris’s first year as Prime Minister

YouGov's Chris Curtis looks at the rollercoaster ride that has been Boris Johnson's first year in office.

Just as with so many things surrounding his premiership, polling results on Boris Johnson have been unconventional. The standard trajectory of a new Prime Minister is to begin popular in a so-called “honeymoon period”, before slowly falling out of favour due to inevitable mistakes.

Instead, Johnson began as a fairly unpopular Prime Minister, certainly more unpopular than his two predecessors were when they initially took the top job. His numbers slowly improved in the run-up to the winter election, as he convinced Leave voters he was willing to do whatever it took to secure Brexit - at least enough to secure a landslide victory against an historically unpopular opposition leader.

He did eventually get a short period of incredible popularity at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic as the public rallied around him in a time of crisis, although even this was short-lived. His numbers crashed back again during the Dominic Cummings scandal.

So after an unconventional year of polling an unconventional Prime Minister, what does the data look like now? A mixed bag.

More people now think he has done badly (50%) in his first year than think he has done well (43%), and the Government he leads has an approval rating of just 32%.

The public do still think he is likeable (52%) and strong (43%), but that isn’t enough to compensate for the increasing opinion that he is indecisive (52%) and incompetent (46%).

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Boris Johnson's dramatic first year in power, including Brexit, a baby and a brush with death

It has been a turbulent first year as Prime Minister for Boris Johnson.

In his first 12 months at Number 10, the PM was tasked with navigating Brexit and the global crisis caused by Coronavirus.

He even faced a brush with death after contracting Covid 19 just weeks before becoming a new father.

On the anniversary of the day he took over from Theresa May, the PM released a video reflecting on his first year in office and asked the public to be "absolutely clear" that coronavirus had presented his government with the biggest challenge "since the Second World War".

But he promised to press on with his domestic agenda and believes after a tough first year he will oversee a "successful" government going forward.

Here's a look at the issues that lie ahead for the Prime Minister as he enters a challenging second year in office - and a look back at the timeline of his 12 months in power.

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