Boris' bid for PM over?

Has the buffoonish politician run out of chances?


Lord Heseltine predicts Boris Johnson will become next Conservative leader

Boris Johnson looks likely to become the next Conservative leader but the move will probably divide the party, Lord Heseltine has suggested.

The former deputy prime minister - who has been an outspoken critic of Mr Johnson - said a string of recent negative headlines about the former foreign secretary have not done him irreparable harm.

Lord Heseltine's comments come as Mr Johnson urged MPs to focus on "chucking Chequers" rather than seeking to oust Prime Minister Theresa May.

Around 50 pro-Brexit Conservative MPs spent nearly an hour plotting ways to replace Mrs May on Tuesday evening amid continued anger over the Chequers plan for Brexit.

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Boris and the PM are Britain's most popular politicians... unless you count those who dislike them | YouGov

It's been a tumultuous year for Boris Johnson and Theresa May, so they will be relieved to discover that they are the joint most-liked politicians among Britons in our new popularity tracker, YouGov Ratings.

Both politicians have a 32% approval rating, putting them in joint lead at the top of a table of the country's 229 top political figures.

YouGov Ratings measures the popularity and fame of anything and everything, from politicians to folk singers, chocolate bars and football clubs, based on millions of responses from the British public.

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Business Insider

Boris Johnson has 'given up hope' of replacing Theresa May as prime minister

  • Boris Johnson has seen his popularity plummet among Conservative MPs since his resignation from government.

  • The ex-foreign secretary now believes he would struggle to even get close to the final round of the next leadership contest.

  • Friends of Johnson say he may not even enter to avoid the embarrassment of a poor result.

  • **"He will bottle it because he will realise he doesn't have the support and it will be embarrassing what poor support he has," one Conservative MP tells Business Insider.

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