Big baby Trump?

A balloon of Trump as a baby will fly over London when he visits

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Should a balloon of Trump as a big baby fly over London?

By Joe Harker

US President Donald Trump is visiting the UK next week and his journey seems ready to be beset by protests from people who want to denounce him and his administration. The President is expected to visit various locations in London and join Prime Minister Theresa May for breakfast at Chequers, so there will be plenty of opportunities for protesters to make their voices heard.

One of the main acts of protest will be a large balloon of Donald Trump as a baby, designed to fly over London and humiliate him on his visit. Thousands donated money to pay for the balloon and it looks like Trump Baby will take to the skies after Mayor of London Sadiq Khan gave permission for it to fly.

The balloon is six metres tall and depicts the US President as a shrieking baby, complete with tiny hands and a phone in hand for petulant rants on Twitter. It will fly over Parliament Square Gardens for two hours on Friday morning.

The organisers are overjoyed that their grotesque, orange monstrosity (meant in the nicest possible way) will be allowed to fly over London while Trump is in town. They see it as the best way to protest against a President who really hates being made fun of. They said: "Moral outrage is water off a duck's back to Trump. But he really seems to hate it when people make fun of him.

"So when Trump visits the UK on Friday the 13th of July this year, we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him."

Former UKIP leader and Trump superfan Nigel Farage is furious that Mayor Khan has allowed the balloon to fly and called it the "biggest insult to a sitting US President ever".

Some have remarked that the four Presidents who were assassinated would disagree, while historian Dan Snow suggested that British troops capturing Washington, eating President James Madison's dinner and burning down the White House during the War of 1812 was probably worse than flying a balloon.

Owen Jones of The Guardian believes the Trump Baby balloon is "a perfect riposte to the snowflake right". Both sides believe the other to be "snowflakes", fragile things that think they're so special and unique. Trump cannot stand being mocked, so many think it would be best for the President and his supporters to get a taste of what they absolutely cannot abide.

Do you think the Trump Baby balloon is a good idea, or is it a protest as childish as the President it is designed to mock?

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