Believe in Britain and Brexit?

Does the UK just need a bit more faith in itself?

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Will belief carry Britain through Brexit?

By Joe Harker

Britain's next prime minister will most likely take the UK out of the EU with a no deal Brexit, as the EU has consistently said they won't renegotiate the deal they agreed with Theresa May in November 2018.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have said they will go back to Brussels and secure changes, something May attempted on numerous occasions without much success.

Despite this the mood among Brexiteers is upbeat as they march to the tune of "believe in Brexit" spun by Johnson. So, does the UK need to stop being so gloomy and look to the future with optimism?

The Claim:

That's what Johnson thinks, with the Daily Telegraph (which employs him to write a regular column) supporting his calls to believe in Britain and go into Brexit with a smile on your face.

They accuse the political left of seeing the UK and its people as "victims of grand forces beyond their control", but the Telegraph argues that leadership and individuals can make all the difference.

They believe a prime minister like Johnson would be determined to deliver Brexit, taking up the reins of power with a grin rather than the downbeat misery of much of the last three years under May.

If there is any chance of bringing the EU back to the negotiating table or pushing for a no deal Brexit then they argue it will take a prime minister with a strong conviction in himself and the country to pull it off.

How are any other nations supposed to take Brexit Britain seriously if it cannot do so itself, how can the country back a prime minister taking the UK out of the EU if they aren't even on board with the idea and think it's for the best?

The Counter Claim:

On the other hand, many are struggling to believe in the bright future suggested by Brexiteers and Johnson when official government analysis states there is no type of Brexit that doesn't cause "significant" economic damage to the UK.

When people have seen and trust evidence which states the thing you are asking them to believe in is wholly bad then they are unlikely to buy into the notion that they should get behind it.

When the facts fly in the face of those calling for more belief many who were already skeptical become even more sure it's not the time for faith and a bit more self confidence.

It can also be harder when you don't believe in the person people are telling you to get behind. Johnson is a polarising figure, it is hard for many to trust a man they deeply distrust and believe he is the leader Britain needs at this moment.

Calling for some people to believe in Brexit is calling for them to abandon their own beliefs and unquestioningly accept ideas and people they don't agree with.

The Facts:

Unfortunately for the believers it doesn't matter how hard you clap your hands and think things will be all right, the chancellor of the exchequer still warns a no deal Brexit will crash the pound and the government's own analysis reported it would cost the British economy £90 billion.

Meanwhile, research from Standard & Poor's found that despite not yet leaving the EU the UK has still missed out on around £550 million worth of economic growth each week since the referendum, which amounted to around £66 billion lost when they published the data.

One can believe in something all they like but it doesn't change the facts.

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